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// Copyright 2023 The Pigweed Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not
// use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
// the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
// WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
// License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under
// the License.
#include <memory>
#include <optional>
#include <string>
#include <variant>
#include "public/pw_async_bench/base.h"
#include "pw_async_basic/dispatcher.h"
#include "pw_async_bench/base.h"
#include "pw_async_bench/bivariant.h"
#include "pw_async_bench/poll.h"
#include "pw_result/result.h"
#include "pw_thread/thread.h"
#include "pw_thread_stl/options.h"
using pw::async_bench::EchoRequest;
using pw::async_bench::EchoResponse;
class RemoteEcho {
RemoteEcho() {}
class EchoFuture {
pw::async::Poll<pw::Result<EchoResponse>> Poll(pw::async::Waker& waker) {
// Do some shenanigans so that we're actually exercising the
// `Poll`/`Waker` mechanism.
if (is_first_time_) {
is_first_time_ = false;
return pw::async::Pending();
return pw::Result<EchoResponse>(EchoResponse{std::move(value_)});
std::string value_;
bool is_first_time_ = true;
EchoFuture Echo([[maybe_unused]] EchoRequest request) { return EchoFuture(); }
template <typename Impl>
void PostEcho(pw::async::Dispatcher& dispatcher,
Impl& impl,
EchoRequest request,
std::optional<pw::Result<EchoResponse>>& result_out) {
// This is sort of like a `Task` result oneshot channel.
// In a more "real" version, we'd use such a channel instead of a manual
// out pointer (which presents lifetime scenarios if the caller stack may
// disappear).
class TaskData {
TaskData(std::optional<pw::Result<EchoResponse>>* result_out,
typename Impl::EchoFuture&& echo_future)
: result_out_(result_out), echo_future_(std::move(echo_future)) {}
std::optional<pw::Result<EchoResponse>>* result_out_;
typename Impl::EchoFuture echo_future_;
auto task_data =
std::make_unique<TaskData>(&result_out, impl.Echo(std::move(request)));
auto task = std::make_unique<pw::async::Task>(
[task_data = std::move(task_data)](pw::async::Context& context,
pw::Status status) {
// This status value isn't super meaningful in a poll-based world-- the
// task itself is alerted to the cancellation by seeing that it has been
// dropped.
if (status.IsCancelled()) {
pw::async::Waker waker(*context.dispatcher, *context.task);
pw::async::Poll<pw::Result<EchoResponse>> result =
if (result.IsReady()) {
*task_data->result_out_ = std::optional(std::move(result.value()));
// `pw_async` does not currently provide hooks for knowing
// when a task has been `Post`ed or when it has been cancelled
// (no, the `Cancelled` status does not communicate this clearly today),
// so we need to leak top-level `Task` (or allocate it statically).
// If we decide to adopt the poll-based model, this should be changed.
// --- USER CODE BEGIN --- //
class ProxyEchoImpl {
ProxyEchoImpl(RemoteEcho& remote) : remote_(&remote) {}
// Note: this wrapper future is used to demonstrate how futures can
// be composed, but it is unnecessary: `Echo` could simply return the
// future from `RemoteEcho` directly, avoiding any extra overhead or
// boilerplate.
// Similarly, the future need not take in a `RemoteEcho` or deal with the
// `Echo` call itself-- that could be done in the implementation of `Echo`
// for minimal boilerplate and maximal efficiency. However, this is intended
// as a demonstration of what a compositional `Poll`-able might look like.
class EchoFuture {
EchoFuture(EchoRequest request, RemoteEcho& remote)
: state_(BeforeRemoteCall{std::move(request), &remote}) {}
pw::async::Poll<pw::Result<EchoResponse>> Poll(pw::async::Waker& waker) {
if (state_.is_a()) {
auto& before_call = state_.value_a();
state_ = WaitingOnRemote{
auto& waiting_on_remote = state_.value_b();
return waiting_on_remote.remote_future.Poll(waker);
struct BeforeRemoteCall {
EchoRequest request;
RemoteEcho* remote;
struct WaitingOnRemote {
RemoteEcho::EchoFuture remote_future;
pw::bivariant<BeforeRemoteCall, WaitingOnRemote> state_;
EchoFuture Echo(EchoRequest request) {
return EchoFuture(std::move(request), *remote_);
RemoteEcho* remote_;
int main() {
pw::async::BasicDispatcher basic_dispatcher;
pw::thread::Thread work_thread(pw::thread::stl::Options(), basic_dispatcher);
const char* ECHO_VALUE = "some value";
EchoRequest request{ECHO_VALUE};
std::optional<pw::Result<EchoResponse>> result_storage(std::nullopt);
RemoteEcho remote;
ProxyEchoImpl impl(remote);
PostEcho(basic_dispatcher, impl, std::move(request), result_storage);
PW_ASSERT(result_storage->value().value == ECHO_VALUE);
return 0;