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.. _module-pw_sys_io_stm32cube:
``pw_sys_io_stm32cube`` implements the ``pw_sys_io`` facade over UART using
the STM32Cube HAL to support an assortment of boards from STMicroelectronics.
The UART baud rate is fixed at 115200 (8N1).
This module requires relatively minimal setup:
1. Write code against the ``pw_sys_io`` facade.
2. Specify the ``dir_pw_sys_io_backend`` GN global variable to point to this
3. Call ``pw_sys_io_Init()`` during init so the UART is properly initialized
and configured.
For devices other than the STM32F429I-DISC1, this module will need to be
configured to use the appropriate GPIO pins and USART peripheral.
Module Configuration Options
The following configurations can be adjusted via compile-time configuration of
this module, see the
:ref:`module documentation <module-structure-compile-time-configuration>` for
more details.
The USART peripheral number to use. (1 for USART1, 2 for USART2, etc.)
The port that the USART peripheral TX/RX pins are on. (e.g. to use A9/A10
pins for TX and RX, respectively, set this to A)
This defaults to 64 Bytes.
The pin index to use for USART transmission within the port set by
The pin index to use for USART reception within the port set by
Module usage
After building an executable that utilizes this backend, flash the
produced .elf binary to the development board. Then, using a serial
communication terminal like minicom/screen (Linux/Mac) or TeraTerm (Windows),
connect to the device at a baud rate of 115200 (8N1). If you're not using a
STM32F429I-DISC1 development board, manually connect a USB-to-serial TTL adapter
to pins ``PA9`` (MCU TX) and ``PA10`` (MCU RX), making sure to match logic
levels (e.g. 3.3V versus 1.8V).
Sample connection diagram
.. code-block:: text
--USB Serial--+ +-----STM32F429 MCU-----
| |
TX o--->o PA10/USART1_RX
| |
RX o<---o PA9/USART1_TX
| |
--------------+ +-----------------------