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.. _target-stm32f429i-disc1-stm32cube:
stm32f429i-disc1: STM32Cube
The STMicroelectronics STM32F429I-DISC1 development board is currently Pigweed's
primary target for on-device testing and development. This target configuration
uses FreeRTOS and the STM32Cube HAL rather than a from-the-ground-up baremetal
To use this target, pigweed must be set up to use FreeRTOS and the STM32Cube HAL
for the STM32F4 series. The supported repositories can be downloaded via
``pw package``, and then the build must be manually configured to point to the
locations the repositories were downloaded to.
.. code:: sh
pw package install freertos
pw package install stm32cube_f4
pw package install nanopb
gn args out
# Add these lines, replacing ${PW_ROOT} with the path to the location that
# Pigweed is checked out at.
dir_pw_third_party_freertos = "${PW_ROOT}/.environment/packages/freertos"
dir_pw_third_party_stm32cube_f4 = "${PW_ROOT}/.environment/packages/stm32cube_f4"
dir_pw_third_party_nanopb = "${PW_ROOT}/.environment/packages/nanopb"
Building and running the demo
This target has an associated demo application that can be built and then
flashed to a device with the following commands:
.. code:: sh
ninja -C out pw_system_demo
openocd -f targets/stm32f429i_disc1/py/stm32f429i_disc1_utils/openocd_stm32f4xx.cfg -c "program out/stm32f429i_disc1_stm32cube.size_optimized/obj/pw_system/bin/system_example.elf reset exit"