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.. _module-pw_chrono_stl:
``pw_chrono_stl`` is a collection of ``pw_chrono`` backends that are implemented
using STL's ``std::chrono`` library.
.. warning::
This module is under construction, not ready for use, and the documentation
is incomplete.
SystemClock backend
The STL based ``system_clock`` backend implements the ``pw_chrono:system_clock``
facade by using the ``std::chrono::steady_clock``. Note that the
``std::chrono::system_clock`` cannot be used as this is not always a monotonic
clock source.
See the documentation for ``pw_chrono`` for further details.
Build targets
The GN build for ``pw_chrono_stl`` has one target: ``system_clock``.
The ``system_clock`` target provides the
``pw_chrono_backend/system_clock_config.h`` and
``pw_chrono_backend/system_clock_inline.h`` headers and the backend for the