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.. _module-pw_snapshot-module_usage:
Module Usage
Right now, pw_snapshot just dictates a *format*. That means there is no provided
system information collection integration, underlying storage, or transport
mechanism to fetch a snapshot from a device. These must be set up independently
by your project.
Building a Snapshot
Even though a Snapshot is just a proto message, the potential size of the proto
makes it important to consider the encoder.
Nanopb is a popular encoder for embedded devices, it's impractical to use
with the pw_snapshot proto. Nanopb works by generating in-memory structs that
represent the protobuf message. Repeated, optional, and variable-length fields
increase the size of the in-memory struct. The struct representation
of snapshot-like protos can quickly near 10KB in size. Allocating 10KB
Pigweed's pw_protobuf is a better choice as its design is centered around
incrementally writing a proto directly to the final wire format. If you only
write a few fields in a snapshot, you can do so with minimal memory overhead.
.. code-block:: cpp
#include "pw_protobuf/encoder.h"
#include "pw_snapshot_protos/snapshot.pwpb.h"
Result<ConstByteSpan> EncodeSnapshot(pw::ByteSpan encode_buffer,
const CrashInfo &crash_info) {
// Instantiate a generic proto encoder.
pw::protobuf::NestedEncoder<kMaxNestedProtoDepth> proto_encoder(
// Get a proto-specific wrapper for the encoder.
pw::snapshot::Snapshot::Encoder snapshot_encoder(&proto_encoder);
{ // This scope is required to handle RAII behavior of the submessage.
// Start writing the Metadata submessage.
pw::snapshot::Metadata::Encoder metadata_encoder =
// Finalize the proto encode so it can be flushed somewhere.
return proto_encoder.Encode();
Custom Project Data
There are two main ways to add custom project-specific data to a snapshot. Tags
are the simplest way to capture small snippets of information that require
no or minimal post-processing. For more complex data, it's usually more
practical to extend the Snapshot proto.
Adding a key/value pair to the tags map is straightforward when using
.. code-block:: cpp
pw::Snapshot::TagsEntry::Encoder tags_encoder =
Extending the Proto
Extending the Snapshot proto relies on proto behavior details that are explained
in the :ref:`Snapshot Proto Format<module-pw_snapshot-proto_format>`. Extending
the snapshot proto is as simple as defining a proto message that **only**
declares fields with numbers that are reserved by the Snapshot proto for
downstream projects. When encoding your snapshot, you can then write both the
upstream Snapshot proto and your project's custom extension proto message to the
same proto encoder.
The upstream snapshot tooling will ignore any project-specific proto data,
the proto data can be decoded a second time using a project-specific proto. At
that point, any handling logic of the project-specific data would have to be
done as part of project-specific tooling.