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# Copyright 2022 The Pigweed Authors
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not
# use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
# the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under
# the License.
"""A channel adapter layer that introduces lossy behavior to a channel."""
import abc
import collections
import copy
import logging
from typing import Callable, Deque, Optional, Tuple
import random
import time
import pw_rpc
_LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# TODO(amontanez): The surface are of this API could be reduced significantly
# with a few changes to LossyChannel.
class LossController(abc.ABC):
"""Interface for driving loss/corruption decisions of a LossyChannel."""
def next_packet_duplicated(self) -> bool:
"""Returns true if the next packet should be duplicated."""
def next_packet_out_of_order(self) -> bool:
"""Returns true if the next packet should be a re-ordered packet."""
def next_packet_delayed(self) -> bool:
"""Returns true if a delay should occur before sending a packet."""
def next_packet_dropped(self) -> bool:
"""Returns true if the next incoming packet should be dropped."""
def next_packet_delay(self) -> int:
"""The delay before sending the next packet, in milliseconds."""
def next_num_dupes(self) -> int:
"""Returns how many times the next packet should be duplicated."""
def choose_out_of_order_packet(self, max_idx) -> int:
"""Returns the index of the next reordered packet.
A return value of 0 represents the newest packet, while max_idx
represents the oldest packet.
class ManualPacketFilter(LossController):
"""Determines if a packet should be kept or dropped for testing purposes."""
_Action = Callable[[int], Tuple[bool, bool]]
_KEEP = lambda _: (True, False)
_DROP = lambda _: (False, False)
def __init__(self) -> None:
self.packet_count = 0
self._actions: Deque[ManualPacketFilter._Action] = collections.deque()
def reset(self) -> None:
self.packet_count = 0
def keep(self, count: int) -> None:
"""Keeps the next count packets."""
self._actions.extend(ManualPacketFilter._KEEP for _ in range(count))
def drop(self, count: int) -> None:
"""Drops the next count packets."""
self._actions.extend(ManualPacketFilter._DROP for _ in range(count))
def drop_every(self, every: int) -> None:
"""Drops every Nth packet forever."""
self._actions.append(lambda count: (count % every != 0, True))
def randomly_drop(self, one_in: int, gen: random.Random) -> None:
"""Drops packets randomly forever."""
self._actions.append(lambda _: (gen.randrange(one_in) != 0, True))
def keep_packet(self) -> bool:
"""Returns whether the provided packet should be kept or dropped."""
self.packet_count += 1
if not self._actions:
return True
keep, repeat = self._actions[0](self.packet_count)
if not repeat:
return keep
def next_packet_duplicated(self) -> bool:
return False
def next_packet_out_of_order() -> bool:
return False
def next_packet_delayed() -> bool:
return False
def next_packet_dropped(self) -> bool:
return not self.keep_packet()
def next_packet_delay() -> int:
return 0
def next_num_dupes() -> int:
return 0
def choose_out_of_order_packet(max_idx) -> int:
return 0
class RandomLossGenerator(LossController):
"""Parametrized random number generator that drives a LossyChannel."""
def __init__(self,
duplicated_packet_probability: float,
max_duplications_per_packet: int,
out_of_order_probability: float,
delayed_packet_probability: float,
delayed_packet_range_ms: Tuple[int, int],
dropped_packet_probability: float,
seed: Optional[int] = None):
self.duplicated_packet_probability = duplicated_packet_probability
self.max_duplications_per_packet = max_duplications_per_packet
self.out_of_order_probability = out_of_order_probability
self.delayed_packet_probability = delayed_packet_probability
self.delayed_packet_range_ms = delayed_packet_range_ms
self.dropped_packet_probability = dropped_packet_probability
self._rng = random.Random(seed)
def next_packet_duplicated(self) -> bool:
return self.duplicated_packet_probability > self._rng.uniform(0.0, 1.0)
def next_packet_out_of_order(self) -> bool:
return self.out_of_order_probability > self._rng.uniform(0.0, 1.0)
def next_packet_delayed(self) -> bool:
return self.delayed_packet_probability > self._rng.uniform(0.0, 1.0)
def next_packet_dropped(self) -> bool:
return self.dropped_packet_probability > self._rng.uniform(0.0, 1.0)
def next_packet_delay(self) -> int:
return self._rng.randint(*self.delayed_packet_range_ms)
def next_num_dupes(self) -> int:
return self._rng.randint(1, self.max_duplications_per_packet)
def choose_out_of_order_packet(self, max_idx) -> int:
return self._rng.randint(0, max_idx)
class LossyChannel(pw_rpc.ChannelManipulator):
"""Introduces lossy behaviors into a channel."""
class _Packet:
"""Container class to keep track of incoming packet sequence number."""
def __init__(self, sequence_number: int, payload: bytes):
self.sequence_number = sequence_number
self.payload = payload
def __init__(self,
loss_generator: LossController,
super().__init__() = name
self._packets: Deque[LossyChannel._Packet] = collections.deque()
self._old_packets: Deque[LossyChannel._Packet] = collections.deque()
self._max_old_packet_window_size = max_num_old_packets
self.unique_packet_count = 0
self._rng = loss_generator
def _enqueue_old_packet(self, packet: _Packet):
if len(self._old_packets) >= self._max_old_packet_window_size:
def _enqueue_packet(self, payload: bytes):
# Generate duplicate packets on ingress.
packet = self._Packet(self.unique_packet_count, payload)
self.unique_packet_count += 1
if self._rng.next_packet_duplicated():
num_dupes = self._rng.next_num_dupes()
_LOG.debug('[%s] Duplicating packet %d times',,
for _ in range(num_dupes):
def _send_packets(self):
while self._packets:
packet = None
if self._rng.next_packet_out_of_order():
idx = self._rng.choose_out_of_order_packet(
len(self._old_packets) - 1)
_LOG.debug('[%s] Selecting out of order packet at index %d',, idx)
packet = copy.copy(self._old_packets[idx])
del self._old_packets[idx]
packet = self._packets.popleft()
if self._rng.next_packet_delayed():
delay = self._rng.next_packet_delay()
_LOG.debug('[%s] Delaying channel by %d ms',, delay)
time.sleep(delay / 1000)
action_msg = 'Dropped'
if not self._rng.next_packet_dropped():
action_msg = 'Sent'
_LOG.debug('[%s] %s packet #%d: %s',, action_msg,
packet.sequence_number, str(packet.payload))
def process_and_send(self, packet: bytes):