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.. _module-pw_console-embedding:
Embedding Guide
Using embed()
``pw console`` is invoked by calling the ``embed()`` function in your own
Python script.
.. automodule:: pw_console.console_app
:members: embed
Adding Log Metadata
``pw_console`` can display log messages in a table with justified columns for
metadata fields provided by :ref:`module-pw_log_tokenized`.
It is also possible to manually add values that should be displayed in columns
using the ``extra`` keyword argument when logging from Python. See the `Python's
logging documentation`_ for how ``extra`` works. A dict of name, value pairs can
be passed in as the ``extra_metadata_fields`` variable. For example, the
following code will create a log message with two custom columns titled
``module`` and ``timestamp``.
.. code-block:: python
import logging
LOG = logging.getLogger('log_source_1')
'Hello there!',
'extra_metadata_fields': {
'module': 'cool',
'timestamp': 1.2345,
.. _Python's logging documentation: