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.. _module-pw_system:
.. warning::
Under construction, stay tuned!
GN Target Toolchain Template
This module includes a target toolchain template called ``pw_system_target``
that reduces the amount of work required to declare a target toolchain with
pre-selected backends for pw_log, pw_assert, pw_malloc, pw_thread, and more.
The configurability and extensibility of this template is relatively limited,
as this template serves as a "one-size-fits-all" starting point rather than
being foundational infrastructure.
.. code-block::
# Declare a toolchain with suggested, compiler, compiler flags, and default
# backends.
pw_system_target("stm32f429i_disc1_stm32cube_size_optimized") {
# These options drive the logic for automatic configuration by this
# template.
# The pre_init source set provides things like the interrupt vector table,
# pre-main init, and provision of FreeRTOS hooks.
link_deps = [ "$dir_pigweed/targets/stm32f429i_disc1_stm32cube:pre_init" ]
# These are hardware-specific options that set up this particular board.
# These are declared in ``declare_args()`` blocks throughout Pigweed. Any
# build arguments set by the user will be overridden by these settings.
build_args = {
pw_third_party_freertos_CONFIG = "$dir_pigweed/targets/stm32f429i_disc1_stm32cube:stm32f4xx_freertos_config"
pw_third_party_freertos_PORT = "$dir_pw_third_party/freertos:arm_cm4f"
pw_sys_io_BACKEND = dir_pw_sys_io_stm32cube
dir_pw_third_party_stm32cube = dir_pw_third_party_stm32cube_f4
pw_third_party_stm32cube_PRODUCT = "STM32F429xx"
pw_third_party_stm32cube_CONFIG =
pw_third_party_stm32cube_CORE_INIT = ""
pw_boot_cortex_m_LINK_CONFIG_DEFINES = [