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.. _module-pw_thread_threadx:
This is a set of backends for pw_thread based on ThreadX.
.. Warning::
This module is still under construction, the API is not yet stable.
.. list-table::
* - :ref:`module-pw_thread` Facade
- Backend Target
- Description
* - ``pw_thread:id``
- ``pw_thread_threadx:id``
- Thread identification.
* - ``pw_thread:yield``
- ``pw_thread_threadx:yield``
- Thread scheduler yielding.
* - ``pw_thread:sleep``
- ``pw_thread_threadx:sleep``
- Thread scheduler sleeping.
* - ``pw_thread:thread``
- ``pw_thread_threadx:thread``
- Thread creation.
In cases where an operation must be performed for every thread,
``ForEachThread()`` can be used to iterate over all the created thread TCBs.
Note that it's only safe to use this while the scheduler is disabled.
An ``Aborted`` error status is returned if the provided callback returns
``false`` to request an early termination of thread iteration.
Return values
* ``Aborted``: The callback requested an early-termination of thread iteration.
* ``OkStatus``: The callback has been successfully run with every thread.
Snapshot integration
This ``pw_thread`` backend provides helper functions that capture ThreadX thread
state to a ``pw::thread::Thread`` proto.
``SnapshotThread()`` captures the thread name, state, and stack information for
the provided ThreadX TCB to a ``pw::thread::Thread`` protobuf encoder. To ensure
the most up-to-date information is captured, the stack pointer for the currently
running thread must be provided for cases where the running thread is being
captured. For ARM Cortex-M CPUs, you can do something like this:
.. Code:: cpp
// Capture PSP.
void* stack_ptr = 0;
asm volatile("mrs %0, psp\n" : "=r"(stack_ptr));
pw::thread::ProcessThreadStackCallback cb =
[](pw::thread::Thread::StreamEncoder& encoder,
pw::ConstByteSpan stack) -> pw::Status {
return encoder.WriteRawStack(stack);
pw::thread::threadx::SnapshotThread(my_thread, stack_ptr,
snapshot_encoder, cb);
``SnapshotThreads()`` wraps the singular thread capture to instead captures
all created threads to a ``pw::thread::SnapshotThreadInfo`` message. This proto
message overlays a snapshot, so it is safe to static cast a
``pw::snapshot::Snapshot::StreamEncoder`` to a
``pw::thread::SnapshotThreadInfo::StreamEncoder`` when calling this function.