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# The PW_PLUGINS file lists commands that should be included with the pw command
# when it is invoked in this directory or its subdirectories. Commands in this
# file override those registered in parent directories.
# Entries in this file have three columns:
# <name> <Python module> <function>
# The Python package containing that module must be installed in the Pigweed
# virtual environment. The function must have no required arguments and should
# return an int to use as the exit code.
# Pigweed's presubmit check script
format pw_presubmit.format_code _pigweed_upstream_main
heap-viewer pw_allocator.heap_viewer main
ide pw_ide.__main__ main
package pw_package.pigweed_packages main
presubmit pw_presubmit.pigweed_presubmit main
requires pw_cli.requires main
rpc pw_hdlc.rpc_console main
console pw_console.__main__ main