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@echo off
:: Copyright 2020 The Pigweed Authors
:: Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not
:: use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
:: the License at
:: Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
:: distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
:: WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
:: License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under
:: the License.
:; echo "ERROR: Attempting to run Windows .bat from a Unix/POSIX shell!"
:; echo "Instead, run the following command."
:; echo ""
:; echo " source ./"
:; echo ""
:: Pigweed Windows environment setup.
:: WARNING: Multi-line "if" statements can be dangerous!
:: Example:
:: call do_foo
:: if [expression] (
:: call cmd_a
:: set my_var = %ERRORLEVEL%
:: call final_script --flag %my_var%
:: )
:: Batch evaluates these expressions in a way that will produce unexpected
:: behavior. It appears that when each line is executed, it does not affect
:: local context until the entire expression is complete. In this example,
:: ERRORLEVEL does not reflect `call cmd_a`, but whatever residual state was
:: present from `do_foo`. Similarly, in the call to `final_script`, `my_var`
:: will NOT be valid as the variable `set` doesn't apply until the entire `if`
:: expression completes.
:: This script only uses multi-line if statements to `goto` after an operation.
:: If PW_CHECKOUT_ROOT is set, use it. Users should not set this variable.
:: It's used because when one batch script invokes another the Powershell magic
:: below doesn't work. To reinforce that users should not be using
:: PW_CHECKOUT_ROOT, it is cleared here after it is used, and other pw tools
:: will complain if they see that variable set.
:: TODO(mohrr) find out a way to do this without PW_CHECKOUT_ROOT.
:: ~dp0 is the batchism for the directory in which a .bat file resides.
if "%PW_CHECKOUT_ROOT%"=="" ^
set "PW_ROOT=%~dp0." &^
goto select_python
:: Since PW_CHECKOUT_ROOT is set, use it.
:: Allow forcing a specific Python version through the environment variable
:: PW_BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON. Otherwise, use the system Python if one exists.
if not "%PW_BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON%" == "" (
set "python=%PW_BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON%"
goto find_environment_root
:: Detect python installation.
where python >NUL 2>&1
set "python=python"
goto find_environment_root
echo Error: no system Python present
echo Pigweed's bootstrap process requires a local system Python.
echo Please install Python on your system, add it to your PATH
echo and re-try running bootstrap.
goto finish
:: PW_ENVIRONMENT_ROOT allows developers to specify where the environment should
:: be installed. _PW_ACTUAL_ENVIRONMENT_ROOT is where Pigweed keeps that
:: information. This separation allows Pigweed to assume PW_ENVIRONMENT_ROOT
:: came from the developer and not from a previous bootstrap possibly from
:: another workspace.
:: Not prefixing environment with "." since that doesn't hide it anyway.
) else (
set "shell_file=%_PW_ACTUAL_ENVIRONMENT_ROOT%\activate.bat"
set "_pw_start_script=%PW_ROOT%\pw_env_setup\py\pw_env_setup\"
:: If PW_SKIP_BOOTSTRAP is set, only run the activation stage instead of the
:: complete env_setup.
if not "%PW_SKIP_BOOTSTRAP%" == "" goto skip_bootstrap
:: Without the trailing slash in %PW_ROOT%/, batch combines that token with
:: the --shell-file argument.
call "%python%" "%PW_ROOT%\pw_env_setup\py\pw_env_setup\" ^
--pw-root "%PW_ROOT%" ^
--shell-file "%shell_file%" ^
--install-dir "%_PW_ACTUAL_ENVIRONMENT_ROOT%" ^
--config-file "%PW_ROOT%/pw_env_setup/config.json" ^
--project-root "%PW_PROJECT_ROOT%"
goto activate_shell
if exist "%shell_file%" (
call "%python%" "%_pw_start_script%"
) else (
call "%python%" "%_pw_start_script%" --no-shell-file
goto finish
call "%shell_file%"