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.. _module-pw_third_party_fuchsia:
Fuchsia libraries
`Fuchsia <>`_ is a modern open source operating system
developed by Google.
Pigweed does not use the Fuchsia operating system itself, but uses some
low-level libraries developed for it.
Parts of two Fuchsia libraries are used in Pigweed:
- `FIT <>`_ --
Portable library of low-level C++ features.
- `stdcompat <>`_ --
Implements newer C++ features for older standards.
Code synchronization
Unlike other third party libraries used by Pigweed, some Fuchsia source code is
included in tree. A few factors drove this decision:
- Core Pigweed features like :cpp:type:`pw::Function` depend on these Fuchsia
libraries. Including the source in-tree avoids having Pigweed require an
an external repository.
- The Fuchsia repository is too large to require downstream projects to clone.
If Fuchsia moves ``stdcompat`` and ``fit`` to separate repositories, the
decision to include Fuchsia code in tree may be reconsidered.
Code is synchronized between the `Fuchsia repository
<>`_ and the `Pigweed repository
<>`_ using the
`Copybara <>`_ script.
To synchronize with the Fuchsia repository, run the ``copybara`` tool with the
.. code-block:: bash
copybara third_party/fuchsia/
That creates a Gerrit change with updates from the Fuchsia repo, if any.
Files are synced from Fuchsia repository to their original paths under the
``third_party/fuchsia/repo`` directory in Pigweed. The Copybara script applies
patches to adapt the sources for use in Pigweed. For example,
``__builtin_abort`` is replaced with ``PW_ASSERT``.
To update the patch files used by Copybara, run
``python third_party/fuchsia/``.