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.. _module-pw_web_ui:
This module is a set of npm libraries for building web UIs
for pigweed devices.
Also included is a basic React app that demonstrates using the npm libraries.
Running the Demo
The simplest way to see the web demo in action is to first flash the `RPC Example <>`_ to a device (like the STMicroelectronics STM32F429I-DISC1). This example basically echoes back the RPC message it receives.
To do this:
#. Follow the Prerequisites & Bootstrap steps from `Getting Started <>`_ first.
#. After that, create the out build directory by running:
.. code:: bash
$ gn gen out
#. Run the compile with:
.. code:: bash
$ ninja -C out
#. Flash ``rpc_example.elf``:
.. code:: bash
$ openocd -f targets/stm32f429i_disc1/py/stm32f429i_disc1_utils/openocd_stm32f4xx.cfg -c "program out/stm32f429i_disc1_debug/obj/pw_hdlc/rpc_example/bin/rpc_example.elf verify reset exit"
#. Finally run the web server:
.. code:: bash
$ bazel run //pw_web_ui:devserver
You can now open ` <>`_ in your browser to see the web console. Now click "Send Echo RPC" and notice the echo received under "Serial Debug".
Available Typescript Modules
Following Pigweed modules are available as Typescript modules:
- `pw_hdlc <>`_
- `pw_rpc <>`_
- `pw_tokenizer <>`_
- `pw_transfer <>`_