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.. _module-pw_sys_io_emcraft_sf2:
``pw_sys_io_emcraft_sf2`` implements the ``pw_sys_io`` facade over
The Emcraft SF2 sys IO backend provides a UART driver layer that allows
applications built against the ``pw_sys_io`` interface to run on a
SmartFusion/2 chip and do simple input/output via UART. However, this should
work with all Smartfusion/2 variations.
This backend allows you to configure which UART to use. The point of it is to
provide bare-minimum platform code needed to do UART reads/writes.
This module requires relatively minimal setup:
1. Write code against the ``pw_sys_io`` facade.
2. Specify the ``dir_pw_sys_io_backend`` GN global variable to point to this
3. pw_sys_io_Init() provided by this module needs to be called in early boot
to get pw_sys_io into a working state.
4. Build an executable with a main() function using a toolchain that
supports Cortex-M3.
.. note::
This module provides early firmware init, so it will conflict with other
modules that do any early device init.
Module usage
After building an executable that utilizes this backend, flash the
produced .elf binary to the development board. Then, using a serial
communication terminal like minicom/screen (Linux/Mac) or TeraTerm (Windows),
connect to the device at a baud rate of 57600 (8N1).
* ``pw_sys_io`` facade
* ``pw_preprocessor`` module