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.. _chapter-pw-blob_store:
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``pw_blob_store`` is a storage container library for storing a single blob of
data. Blob_store is a flash-backed persistent storage system with integrated
data integrity checking that serves as a lightweight alternative to a file
Write and read are only done using the BlobWriter and BlobReader classes.
Once a blob write is closed, reopening followed by a Discard(), Write(), or
Erase() will discard the previous blob.
Write blob:
0) Create BlobWriter instance
1) BlobWriter::Open().
2) Add data using BlobWriter::Write().
3) BlobWriter::Close().
Read blob:
0) Create BlobReader instance
1) BlobReader::Open().
2) Read data using BlobReader::Read() or
3) BlobReader::Close().
.. note::
The documentation for this module is currently incomplete.