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.. _chapter-pw-log-tokenized:
``pw_log_tokenized`` is a ``pw_log`` backend that tokenizes log messages using
the ``pw_tokenizer`` module. Log messages are tokenized and passed to the
``pw_TokenizerHandleEncodedMessageWithPayload`` function. For maximum
efficiency, the log level, 16-bit tokenized module name, and flags bits are
passed through the payload argument.
Example implementation:
.. code-block:: cpp
extern "C" void pw_TokenizerHandleEncodedMessageWithPayload(
pw_TokenizerPayload payload, const uint8_t message[], size_t size) {
// The metadata object provides the log level, module token, and flags.
// These values can be recorded and used for runtime filtering.
pw::log_tokenized::Metadata metadata(payload);
if (metadata.level() < current_log_level) {
if (metadata.flags() & HIGH_PRIORITY_LOG != 0) {
EmitHighPriorityLog(metadata.module(), message, size);
} else {
EmitLowPriorityLog(metadata.module(), message, size);
See the documentation for ``pw_tokenizer`` for further details.
.. note::
The documentation for this module is currently incomplete.