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.. _module-pw_build:
Pigweed's modules aim to be easily integratable into both new and existing
embedded projects. To that goal, the ``pw_build`` module provides support for
multiple build systems. Our personal favorite is `GN`_/`Ninja`_, which is used
by upstream developers for its speed and flexibility. `CMake`_ and `Bazel`_
build files are also provided by all modules, allowing Pigweed to be added to a
project with minimal effort.
.. _GN:
.. _Ninja:
.. _CMake:
.. _Bazel:
Beyond just compiling code, Pigweed’s GN build system can also:
* Generate HTML documentation, via our Sphinx integration (with ``pw_docgen``)
* Display memory usage report cards (with ``pw_bloat``)
* Incrementally run unit tests after code changes (with ``pw_target_runner``)
* And more!
These are only supported in the GN build, but work is being done to bring
these to Pigweed's Bazel build integration.
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