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// Copyright 2024 The Pigweed Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not
// use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
// the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
// WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
// License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under
// the License.
* Copyright 2018 - 2022 NXP
* All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include "pw_stream_uart_mcuxpresso/dma_stream.h"
#include "pw_assert/check.h"
#include "pw_preprocessor/util.h"
namespace pw::stream {
// Deinitialize the DMA channels and USART.
void UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::Deinit() {
// We need to touch register space that can be shared
// among several DMA peripherals, hence we need to access
// it exclusively. We achieve exclusive access on non-SMP systems as
// a side effect of acquiring the interrupt_lock_, since acquiring the
// interrupt_lock_ disables interrupts on the current CPU, which means
// we cannot get descheduled until we release the interrupt_lock_.
DMA_DisableChannel(config_.dma_base, config_.tx_dma_ch);
DMA_DisableChannel(config_.dma_base, config_.rx_dma_ch);
UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::~UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso() {
if (!initialized_) {
// Initialize the USART and DMA channels based on the configuration
// specified during object creation.
Status UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::Init(uint32_t srcclk) {
if (srcclk == 0) {
return Status::InvalidArgument();
if (config_.usart_base == nullptr) {
return Status::InvalidArgument();
if (config_.baud_rate == 0) {
return Status::InvalidArgument();
if (config_.dma_base == nullptr) {
return Status::InvalidArgument();
usart_config_t defconfig_;
defconfig_.baudRate_Bps = config_.baud_rate;
defconfig_.parityMode = config_.parity;
defconfig_.enableTx = true;
defconfig_.enableRx = true;
status_t status = USART_Init(config_.usart_base, &defconfig_, srcclk);
if (status != kStatus_Success) {
return Status::Internal();
// We need to touch register space that can be shared
// among several DMA peripherals, hence we need to access
// it exclusively. We achieve exclusive access on non-SMP systems as
// a side effect of acquiring the interrupt_lock_, since acquiring the
// interrupt_lock_ disables interrupts on the current CPU, which means
// we cannot get descheduled until we release the interrupt_lock_.
// Enable DMA request.
INPUTMUX, config_.rx_input_mux_dmac_ch_request_en, true);
INPUTMUX, config_.tx_input_mux_dmac_ch_request_en, true);
// Turnoff clock to inputmux to save power. Clock is only needed to make
// changes.
DMA_EnableChannel(config_.dma_base, config_.tx_dma_ch);
DMA_EnableChannel(config_.dma_base, config_.rx_dma_ch);
DMA_CreateHandle(&tx_data_.dma_handle, config_.dma_base, config_.tx_dma_ch);
DMA_CreateHandle(&rx_data_.dma_handle, config_.dma_base, config_.rx_dma_ch);
status = USART_TransferCreateHandleDMA(config_.usart_base,
if (status != kStatus_Success) {
return Status::Internal();
// Read into the rx ring buffer.
initialized_ = true;
return OkStatus();
// DMA usart data into ring buffer
// At most kUsartDmaMaxTransferCount bytes can be copied per DMA transfer.
// If completion_size is specified and dataSize is larger than completion_size,
// the dataSize will be limited to completion_size so that the completion
// callback will be called once completion_size bytes have been received.
void UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::TriggerReadDma() {
uint8_t* ring_buffer =
reinterpret_cast<uint8_t*>(; = &ring_buffer[rx_data_.ring_buffer_write_idx];
if (rx_data_.ring_buffer_write_idx + kUsartDmaMaxTransferCount >
rx_data_.ring_buffer.size_bytes()) {
rx_data_.transfer.dataSize =
rx_data_.ring_buffer.size_bytes() - rx_data_.ring_buffer_write_idx;
} else {
rx_data_.transfer.dataSize = kUsartDmaMaxTransferCount;
if (rx_data_.completion_size > 0 &&
rx_data_.transfer.dataSize > rx_data_.completion_size) {
// Completion callback will be called once this transfer completes.
rx_data_.transfer.dataSize = rx_data_.completion_size;
config_.usart_base, &uart_dma_handle_, &rx_data_.transfer);
// DMA send buffer data
void UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::TriggerWriteDma() {
const uint8_t* tx_buffer =
reinterpret_cast<const uint8_t*>(;
tx_data_.transfer.txData = &tx_buffer[tx_data_.tx_idx];
if (tx_data_.tx_idx + kUsartDmaMaxTransferCount >
tx_data_.buffer.size_bytes()) {
// Completion callback will be called once this transfer completes.
tx_data_.transfer.dataSize = tx_data_.buffer.size_bytes() - tx_data_.tx_idx;
} else {
tx_data_.transfer.dataSize = kUsartDmaMaxTransferCount;
config_.usart_base, &uart_dma_handle_, &tx_data_.transfer);
// Completion callback for TX and RX transactions
void UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::TxRxCompletionCallback(USART_Type* base,
usart_dma_handle_t* state,
status_t status,
void* param) {
UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso* stream =
if (status == kStatus_USART_RxIdle) {
// RX transfer
// Acquire the interrupt_lock_ to ensure that on SMP systems
// access to the rx_data is synchronized.
struct UsartDmaRxData* rx_data = &stream->rx_data_;
rx_data->ring_buffer_write_idx += rx_data->transfer.dataSize;
rx_data->data_received += rx_data->transfer.dataSize;
if (rx_data->ring_buffer_write_idx == rx_data->ring_buffer.size_bytes()) {
rx_data->ring_buffer_write_idx = 0;
bool notify_rx_completion = false;
if (rx_data->completion_size > 0) {
PW_DCHECK_INT_GE(rx_data->completion_size, rx_data->transfer.dataSize);
rx_data->completion_size -= rx_data->transfer.dataSize;
if (rx_data->completion_size == 0) {
// We have satisified the receive request, we must wake up the receiver.
// Before we can issue the wake up, we must trigger the next DMA read
// operation, since the notification might yield the CPU.
notify_rx_completion = true;
if (notify_rx_completion) {
} else if (status == kStatus_USART_TxIdle) {
// Tx transfer
UsartDmaTxData* tx_data = &stream->tx_data_;
tx_data->tx_idx += tx_data->transfer.dataSize;
if (tx_data->tx_idx == tx_data->buffer.size_bytes()) {
// We have completed the send request, we must wake up the sender.
} else {
PW_CHECK_INT_LT(tx_data->tx_idx, tx_data->buffer.size_bytes());
// Get the amount of bytes that have been received, but haven't been copied yet
// Note: The caller must ensure that the interrupt handler cannot execute.
StatusWithSize UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::TransferGetReceiveDMACountLockHeld() {
uint32_t count = 0;
// If no in-flight transfer is in progress, there is no pending data
// available. We have initialized count to 0 to account for that.
config_.usart_base, &uart_dma_handle_, &count);
// We must be executing with the interrupt_lock_ held, so that the interrupt
// handler cannot change data_received.
count += rx_data_.data_received - rx_data_.data_copied;
// Check whether we hit an overflow condition
if (count > rx_data_.ring_buffer.size_bytes()) {
return StatusWithSize(Status::DataLoss(), 0);
return StatusWithSize(count);
// Get the amount of bytes that have been received, but haven't been copied yet
StatusWithSize UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::TransferGetReceiveDMACount() {
// We need to acquire the interrupt_lock_ , so that the interrupt handler
// cannot run to change rxRingBufferWriteIdx.
StatusWithSize status = TransferGetReceiveDMACountLockHeld();
return status;
// Get the amount of bytes that have not been yet received for the current
// transfer
// Note: This function may only be called once the RX transaction has been
// aborted.
size_t UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::GetReceiveTransferRemainingBytes() {
return DMA_GetRemainingBytes(uart_dma_handle_.rxDmaHandle->base,
// Wait for more receive bytes to arrive to satisfy request
// Once we have acquired the interrupt_lock_, we check whether we can
// satisfy the request, and if not, we will abort the current
// transaction if the current transaction will be able to satisfy
// the outstanding request. Once the transaction has been aborted
// we can specify the completion_size, so that the completion callback
// can wake us up when the bytes_needed bytes have been received.
// If more than one transaction is required to satisfy the request,
// we don't need to abort the transaction and instead can leverage
// the fact that the completion callback won't be triggered since we
// have acquired the interrupt_lock_ . This allows us to specify
// the completion_size that will be seen by the completion callback
// when it executes. A subsequent completion callback will wake us up
// when the bytes_needed have been received.
Status UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::WaitForReceiveBytes(size_t bytes_needed) {
// Acquire the interrupt_lock_, so that the interrupt handler cannot
// execute and modify the shared state.
// Recheck what the current amount of available bytes is.
StatusWithSize status = TransferGetReceiveDMACountLockHeld();
if (!status.ok()) {
return status.status();
size_t rx_count = status.size();
if (rx_count >= bytes_needed) {
return OkStatus();
// Not enough bytes available yet.
// We check whether more bytes are needed than the transfer's
// dataSize, which means that at least one more transfer must
// complete to satisfy this receive request.
size_t pos_in_transfer =
rx_data_.data_copied + rx_count - rx_data_.data_received;
PW_DCHECK_INT_LE(pos_in_transfer, rx_data_.transfer.dataSize);
size_t transfer_bytes_needed =
bytes_needed + rx_data_.data_copied - rx_data_.data_received;
bool aborted = false;
if (transfer_bytes_needed < rx_data_.transfer.dataSize) {
// Abort the current transfer, so that we can schedule a receive
// transfer to satisfy this request.
USART_TransferAbortReceiveDMA(config_.usart_base, &uart_dma_handle_);
size_t remaining_transfer_bytes = GetReceiveTransferRemainingBytes();
if (remaining_transfer_bytes == 0) {
// We have received all bytes for the current transfer, we will
// restart the loop in the caller's context.
// The interrupt handler will execute and call TriggerReadDma
// to schedule the next receive DMA transfer.
return OkStatus();
// We have successfully aborted an in-flight transfer. No interrupt
// callback will be called for it.
aborted = true;
// We need to fix up the transfer size for the aborted transfer.
rx_data_.transfer.dataSize -= remaining_transfer_bytes;
} else {
// We require at least as much data as provided by the current
// transfer. We know that this code cannot execute while the
// receive transaction isn't active, so we know that the
// completion callback will still execute.
// Tell the transfer callback when to deliver the completion
// notification.
rx_data_.completion_size = transfer_bytes_needed;
// Since a caller could request a receive amount that exceeds the ring
// buffer size, we must cap the rxCompletionSize. In addition, we
// don't want that the rxRingBuffer overflows, so we cap the
// rxCompletionSize to 25% of the ringBufferSize to ensure that the
// ring buffer gets drained frequently enough.
if (rx_data_.completion_size >
rx_data_.ring_buffer.size_bytes() / kUsartRxRingBufferSplitCount) {
rx_data_.completion_size =
rx_data_.ring_buffer.size_bytes() / kUsartRxRingBufferSplitCount;
if (aborted) {
// We have received data, but we haven't accounted for it, since the
// callback won't execute due to the abort. Execute the callback
// from here instead. Since the DMA transfer has been aborted, and
// the available data isn't sufficient to satisfy this request, the
// next receive DMA transfer will unblock this thread.
config_.usart_base, &uart_dma_handle_, kStatus_USART_RxIdle, this);
// Wait for the interrupt handler to deliver the completion
// notificiation.
// We have received bytes that can be copied out, we will restart
// the loop in the caller's context.
return OkStatus();
// Copy the data from the receive ring buffer into the destination data buffer
void UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::CopyReceiveData(ByteBuilder& bb,
size_t copy_size) {
ByteSpan ring_buffer = rx_data_.ring_buffer;
// Check whether we need to perform a wrap around copy operation or end
// right at the end of the buffer.
if (rx_data_.ring_buffer_read_idx + copy_size >=
rx_data_.ring_buffer.size_bytes()) {
size_t first_copy_size =
rx_data_.ring_buffer.size_bytes() - rx_data_.ring_buffer_read_idx;
ring_buffer.subspan(rx_data_.ring_buffer_read_idx, first_copy_size));
size_t second_copy_size = copy_size - first_copy_size;
// Source buffer is at offset 0.
bb.append(ring_buffer.subspan(0, second_copy_size));
rx_data_.ring_buffer_read_idx = second_copy_size;
} else {
// Normal copy operation
PW_DCHECK_INT_LT(rx_data_.ring_buffer_read_idx + copy_size,
bb.append(ring_buffer.subspan(rx_data_.ring_buffer_read_idx, copy_size));
rx_data_.ring_buffer_read_idx += copy_size;
rx_data_.data_copied += copy_size;
// Copy data from the RX ring buffer into the caller provided buffer
// If the ring buffer can already satisfy the read request, the
// data will be copied from the ring buffer into the provided buffer.
// If no data, or not sufficient data is available to satisfy the
// read request, the caller will wait for the completion callback to
// signal that data is available and can be copied from the ring buffer
// to the provided buffer.
// Note: A reader may request to read more data than can be stored
// inside the RX ring buffer.
// Note: Only one thread should be calling this function,
// otherwise DoRead calls might fail due to contention for
// the USART RX channel.
StatusWithSize UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::DoRead(ByteSpan data) {
size_t length = data.size();
if (length == 0) {
return StatusWithSize(Status::InvalidArgument(), 0);
// We only allow a single thread to read from the USART at a time.
bool was_busy =;
if (was_busy) {
return StatusWithSize(Status::FailedPrecondition(), 0);
size_t rx_count = 0;
ByteBuilder bb(data);
for (size_t buf_idx = 0; buf_idx < length;) {
size_t bytes_needed = length - buf_idx;
while (rx_count == 0) {
StatusWithSize status_with_size = TransferGetReceiveDMACount();
if (!status_with_size.ok()) {;
return StatusWithSize(status_with_size.status(), buf_idx);
rx_count = status_with_size.size();
if (rx_count < bytes_needed) {
// Wait to receive more bytes.
Status status = WaitForReceiveBytes(bytes_needed);
if (!status.ok()) {;
return StatusWithSize(status, buf_idx);
// Restart the loop and refetch rx_count. We should be able
// to copy out data to the destination data buffer.
rx_count = 0;
size_t copy_size = MIN(bytes_needed, rx_count);
CopyReceiveData(bb, copy_size);
buf_idx += copy_size;
PW_DCHECK(rx_count == copy_size || buf_idx == length);
return StatusWithSize(length);
// Write data to USART using DMA transactions
// Note: Only one thread should be calling this function,
// otherwise DoWrite calls might fail due to contention for
// the USART TX channel.
Status UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::DoWrite(ConstByteSpan data) {
if (data.size() == 0) {
return Status::InvalidArgument();
bool was_busy =;
if (was_busy) {
// Another thread is already transmitting data.
return Status::FailedPrecondition();
tx_data_.buffer = data;
tx_data_.tx_idx = 0;
return OkStatus();
} // namespace pw::stream