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.. _module-pw_stream_uart_mcuxpresso:
``pw_stream_uart_mcuxpresso`` implements the ``pw_stream`` interface for reading
and writing to a UART using the NXP MCUXpresso SDK. ``UartStreamMcuxpresso``
version uses the CPU to read and write to the UART, while ``UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso``
uses DMA transfers to read and write to the UART minimizing the CPU utilization.
``InterruptSafeUartWriterMcuxpresso`` implements an interrupt safe
write-only stream to UART. Intended for use in fault handlers. It can be
constructed ``constinit`` for use in pre-static constructor environments as well.
.. note::
This module will likely be superseded by a future ``pw_uart`` interface.
This module requires a little setup:
1. Use ``pw_build_mcuxpresso`` to create a ``pw_source_set`` for an
MCUXpresso SDK.
2. Include the debug console component in this SDK definition.
3. Specify the ``pw_third_party_mcuxpresso_SDK`` GN global variable to specify
the name of this source set.
4. Use a target that calls ``pw_sys_io_mcuxpresso_Init`` in
``pw_boot_PreMainInit`` or similar.
The name of the SDK source set must be set in the
"pw_third_party_mcuxpresso_SDK" GN arg
``UartStreamMcuxpresso`` example:
.. code-block:: cpp
constexpr uint32_t kFlexcomm = 0;
constexpr uint32_t kBaudRate = 115200;
std::array<std::byte, 20> kBuffer = {};
auto stream = UartStreamMcuxpresso{USART0,
std::array<std::byte, 10> to_write = {};
``UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso`` example:
.. code-block:: cpp
constexpr uint32_t kFlexcomm = 0;
const auto kUartBase = USART0;
constexpr uint32_t kBaudRate = 115200;
std::array<std::byte, 65536> ring_buffer = {};
constexpr uint32_t kUartRxDmaCh = 0;
constexpr uint32_t kUartTxDmaCh = 1;
const UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso::Config kConfig = {
.usart_base = kUartBase,
.baud_rate = kBaudRate,
.parity = kUSART_ParityDisabled,
.stop_bits = kUSART_OneStopBit,
.dma_base = DMA0,
.rx_dma_ch = kUartRxDmaCh,
.tx_dma_ch = kUartTxDmaCh,
.rx_input_mux_dmac_ch_request_en = kINPUTMUX_Flexcomm0RxToDmac0Ch0RequestEna,
.tx_input_mux_dmac_ch_request_en = kINPUTMUX_Flexcomm0TxToDmac0Ch1RequestEna,
.buffer = ByteSpan(ring_buffer)};
auto stream = UartDmaStreamMcuxpresso{kConfig};
``InterruptSafeUartWriterMcuxpresso`` example:
.. code-block:: cpp
constinit InterruptSafeUartWriterMcuxpresso crash_safe_uart(
USART0_BASE, kCLOCK_Flexcomm0Clk, 115200);