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:name: pw_toolchain_bazel
- **Modular**: Construct your own toolchain using shared building blocks, and
share common flags between multiple platforms. You can even share toolchain
components and definitions across the boundaries of different projects!
- **Declarative**: Toolchain configurations are centralized to a single
Assembling a complete, hermetic C/C++ toolchain using Bazel's native primitives
can be quite challenging. Additionally, the native API for declaring C/C++
toolchains doesn't inherently encourage modularity or reusability, and lacks
consistent documentation.
``pw_toolchain_bazel`` provides a suite of building blocks that make the process
of assembling a complete, hermetic toolchain significantly easier. The Bazel
rules introduced by this module push the vast majority of a toolchain's
declaration into build files, and encourages reusability through sharing of
flag groups, tools, and toolchain feature implementations.
Why create `hermetic toolchains <>`_?
- **Eliminate "it compiles on my machine."** The same toolchain across every
workstation means the same flags, the same warnings, and the same errors.
- **Produce the same binary every time.** By keeping the toolchain and
associated flags consistent and isolated across different environments, you
can expect your final firmware images to be the same no matter where they're
- **Correctly support incremental builds.** When the system environment affects
how tools behave, incremental builds can produce misconfigured or
fundamentally broken binaries.
While this module does **not** provide a hermetic toolchain, Pigweed provides
`fully instantiated and supported toolchains <>`_
that are a useful reference for building your own toolchain.
.. warning::
`b/309533028 <>`_\: This module is under
construction, and is missing a few significant features.
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.. grid-item-card:: :octicon:`rocket` Get started
:link: module-pw_toolchain_bazel-get-started
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Set up a custom C/C++ toolchain project.
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.. grid-item-card:: :octicon:`info` API reference
:link: module-pw_toolchain_bazel-api
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Detailed reference information about the pw_toolchain_bazel API.
.. grid-item-card:: :octicon:`file` Original SEED
:link: seed-0113
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SEED-0113: Add modular Bazel C/C++ toolchain API
This module is not permitted to have dependencies on other modules. When this
module stabilizes, it will be broken out into a separate repository.
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API reference <api>
Get Started <get_started>