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# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2015 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import platform
import re
import sys
import time
import git_command
import git_config
import wrapper
from error import ManifestParseError
def get_gitc_manifest_dir():
return wrapper.Wrapper().get_gitc_manifest_dir()
def parse_clientdir(gitc_fs_path):
return wrapper.Wrapper().gitc_parse_clientdir(gitc_fs_path)
def _set_project_revisions(projects):
"""Sets the revisionExpr for a list of projects.
Because of the limit of open file descriptors allowed, length of projects
should not be overly large. Recommend calling this function multiple times
with each call not exceeding NUM_BATCH_RETRIEVE_REVISIONID projects.
@param projects: List of project objects to set the revionExpr for.
# Retrieve the commit id for each project based off of it's current
# revisionExpr and it is not already a commit id.
project_gitcmds = [(
project, git_command.GitCommand(None,
capture_stdout=True, cwd='/tmp'))
for project in projects if not git_config.IsId(project.revisionExpr)]
for proj, gitcmd in project_gitcmds:
if gitcmd.Wait():
print('FATAL: Failed to retrieve revisionExpr for %s' % proj)
revisionExpr = gitcmd.stdout.split('\t')[0]
if not revisionExpr:
raise ManifestParseError('Invalid SHA-1 revision project %s (%s)' %
(proj.remote.url, proj.revisionExpr))
proj.revisionExpr = revisionExpr
def _manifest_groups(manifest):
"""Returns the manifest group string that should be synced
This is the same logic used by Command.GetProjects(), which is used during
repo sync
@param manifest: The XmlManifest object
mp = manifest.manifestProject
groups = mp.config.GetString('manifest.groups')
if not groups:
groups = 'default,platform-' + platform.system().lower()
return groups
def generate_gitc_manifest(gitc_manifest, manifest, paths=None):
"""Generate a manifest for shafsd to use for this GITC client.
@param gitc_manifest: Current gitc manifest, or None if there isn't one yet.
@param manifest: A GitcManifest object loaded with the current repo manifest.
@param paths: List of project paths we want to update.
print('Generating GITC Manifest by fetching revision SHAs for each '
if paths is None:
paths = list(manifest.paths.keys())
groups = [x for x in re.split(r'[,\s]+', _manifest_groups(manifest)) if x]
# Convert the paths to projects, and filter them to the matched groups.
projects = [manifest.paths[p] for p in paths]
projects = [p for p in projects if p.MatchesGroups(groups)]
if gitc_manifest is not None:
for path, proj in manifest.paths.items():
if not proj.MatchesGroups(groups):
if not proj.upstream and not git_config.IsId(proj.revisionExpr):
proj.upstream = proj.revisionExpr
if path not in gitc_manifest.paths:
# Any new projects need their first revision, even if we weren't asked
# for them.
elif path not in paths:
# And copy revisions from the previous manifest if we're not updating
# them now.
gitc_proj = gitc_manifest.paths[path]
if gitc_proj.old_revision:
proj.revisionExpr = None
proj.old_revision = gitc_proj.old_revision
proj.revisionExpr = gitc_proj.revisionExpr
index = 0
while index < len(projects):
projects[index:(index + NUM_BATCH_RETRIEVE_REVISIONID)])
if gitc_manifest is not None:
for path, proj in gitc_manifest.paths.items():
if proj.old_revision and path in paths:
# If we updated a project that has been started, keep the old-revision
# updated.
repo_proj = manifest.paths[path]
repo_proj.old_revision = repo_proj.revisionExpr
repo_proj.revisionExpr = None
# Convert URLs from relative to absolute.
for _name, remote in manifest.remotes.items():
remote.fetchUrl = remote.resolvedFetchUrl
# Save the manifest.
def save_manifest(manifest, client_dir=None):
"""Save the manifest file in the client_dir.
@param client_dir: Client directory to save the manifest in.
@param manifest: Manifest object to save.
if not client_dir:
client_dir = manifest.gitc_client_dir
with open(os.path.join(client_dir, '.manifest'), 'w') as f:
manifest.Save(f, groups=_manifest_groups(manifest))
# TODO(sbasi/jorg): Come up with a solution to remove the sleep below.
# Give the GITC filesystem time to register the manifest changes.