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This directory contains example configuration files.
The examples are generally focused on a particular usage case (eg, support for
a restricted number of ciphersuites) and aim at minimizing resource usage for
this target. They can be used as a basis for custom configurations.
These files are complete replacements for the default config.h. To use one of
them, you can pick one of the following methods:
1. Replace the default file include/polarssl/config.h with the chosen one.
2. Define POLARSSL_CONFIG_FILE and adjust the include path accordingly.
For example, using make:
CFLAGS="-I$PWD/configs -DPOLARSSL_CONFIG_FILE='<foo.h>'" make
Or, using cmake:
rm CMakeCache.txt
CFLAGS="-I$PWD/configs -DPOLARSSL_CONFIG_FILE='<foo.h>'" cmake .
Note that the second method also works if you want to keep your custom
configuration file outside the PolarSSL tree.