Ensure that xTaskGetCurrentTaskHandle is included (#507)

This commits adds a check that INCLUDE_xTaskGetCurrentTaskHandle is
set to 1. A compile time error message is produced if it is not set to
1. This is needed because stream_buffer.c uses xTaskGetCurrentTaskHandle.

This was reported here - https://forums.freertos.org/t/xstreambufferreceive-include-xtaskgetcur/15283

Signed-off-by: Gaurav Aggarwal <aggarg@amazon.com>
diff --git a/stream_buffer.c b/stream_buffer.c
index b9d598e..e8a8839 100644
--- a/stream_buffer.c
+++ b/stream_buffer.c
@@ -44,6 +44,10 @@
     #error configUSE_TASK_NOTIFICATIONS must be set to 1 to build stream_buffer.c
+#if ( INCLUDE_xTaskGetCurrentTaskHandle != 1 )
+    #error INCLUDE_xTaskGetCurrentTaskHandle must be set to 1 to build stream_buffer.c
 /* Lint e961, e9021 and e750 are suppressed as a MISRA exception justified
  * because the MPU ports require MPU_WRAPPERS_INCLUDED_FROM_API_FILE to be defined
  * for the header files above, but not in this file, in order to generate the