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* This file, along with DemoIPTrace.c, provides a basic example use of the
* FreeRTOS+TCP trace macros. The statistics gathered here can be viewed in
* the command line interface.
* See
* A simple generic mechanism is used that allocates a structure (see the
* ExampleDebugStatEntry_t definition below) to each ID defined in this file.
* The structures are stored in an array (see the xIPTraceValues[] array in
* DemoIPTrace.c).
* The structure associates a function with a data value. See the
* vPerformAction and ulData members of ExampleDebugStatEntry_t respectively.
* The function is used to manipulate the data. At the time of writing two
* functions can be used - these are prvIncrementEventCount() which simply
* increments the data each time it is called, and prvStoreLowest() which
* sets the data to the lowest value of an input parameter ever seen. For
* example, to store the lowest ever number of free network buffer descriptors
* the parameter value is the current number of network buffer descriptors.
* The trace macros themselves are defined in this file and just invoke
* vExampleDebugStatUpdate(), passing in an ID value. vExampleDebugStatUpdate()
* then just executes the function associated with that value (prvStoreLowest(),
* prvIncrementEventCount(), etc.) as defined in the xIPTraceValues[] array.
typedef void ( *vTraceAction_t )( uint32_t *, uint32_t );
/* Type that defines each statistic being gathered. */
typedef struct ExampleDebugStatEntry
uint8_t ucIdentifier; /* Unique identifier for statistic. */
const char * const pucDescription; /* Text description for the statistic. */
vTraceAction_t vPerformAction; /* Action to perform when the statistic is updated (increment counter, store minimum value, store maximum value, etc. */
uint32_t ulData; /* The meaning of this data is dependent on the trace macro ID. */
} ExampleDebugStatEntry_t;
/* Unique identifiers used to locate the entry for each trace macro in the
xIPTraceValues[] table defined in DemoIPTrace.c. See the comments at the top of
this file. */
#define iptraceID_ETHERNET_RX_EVENT_LOST 10
#define iptraceID_STACK_TX_EVENT_LOST 11
#define ipconfigID_BIND_FAILED 12
#define iptraceID_RECVFROM_TIMEOUT 13
#define iptraceID_SENDTO_DATA_TOO_LONG 14
#define iptraceID_SENDTO_SOCKET_NOT_BOUND 15
#define iptraceID_NO_BUFFER_FOR_SENDTO 16
/* It is possible to remove the trace macros using the
configINCLUDE_DEMO_DEBUG_STATS setting in FreeRTOSIPConfig.h. */
/* The trace macro definitions themselves. Any trace macros left undefined
will default to be empty macros. See the comments at the top of this
file. */
#define iptraceNETWORK_BUFFER_OBTAINED( pxBufferAddress ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_NETWORK_BUFFER_OBTAINED, uxQueueMessagesWaiting( ( QueueHandle_t ) xNetworkBufferSemaphore ) ); vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_TOTAL_NETWORK_BUFFERS_OBTAINED, 0 )
#define iptraceNETWORK_BUFFER_RELEASED( pxBufferAddress ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_TOTAL_NETWORK_BUFFERS_RELEASED, 0 )
#define iptraceNETWORK_BUFFER_OBTAINED_FROM_ISR( pxBufferAddress ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_NETWORK_BUFFER_OBTAINED, uxQueueMessagesWaiting( ( QueueHandle_t ) xNetworkBufferSemaphore ) )
#define iptraceNETWORK_EVENT_RECEIVED( eEvent ) { \
uint16_t usSpace; \
usSpace = ( uint16_t ) uxQueueMessagesWaiting( xNetworkEventQueue ); \
/* Minus one as an event was removed before the space was queried. */ \
usSpace = ( ipconfigEVENT_QUEUE_LENGTH - usSpace ) - 1; \
vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_NETWORK_EVENT_RECEIVED, usSpace ); \
#define iptraceFAILED_TO_OBTAIN_NETWORK_BUFFER() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_FAILED_TO_OBTAIN_NETWORK_BUFFER, 0 )
#define iptraceARP_TABLE_ENTRY_EXPIRED( ulIPAddress ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_ARP_TABLE_ENTRY_EXPIRED, 0 )
#define iptracePACKET_DROPPED_TO_GENERATE_ARP( ulIPAddress ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_PACKET_DROPPED_TO_GENERATE_ARP, 0 )
#define iptraceFAILED_TO_CREATE_SOCKET() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_FAILED_TO_CREATE_SOCKET, 0 )
#define iptraceRECVFROM_DISCARDING_BYTES( xNumberOfBytesDiscarded ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_RECVFROM_DISCARDING_BYTES, 0 )
#define iptraceETHERNET_RX_EVENT_LOST() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_ETHERNET_RX_EVENT_LOST, 0 )
#define iptraceSTACK_TX_EVENT_LOST( xEvent ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_STACK_TX_EVENT_LOST, 0 )
#define iptraceBIND_FAILED( xSocket, usPort ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( ipconfigID_BIND_FAILED, 0 )
#define iptraceNETWORK_INTERFACE_TRANSMIT() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_NETWORK_INTERFACE_TRANSMIT, 0 )
#define iptraceRECVFROM_TIMEOUT() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_RECVFROM_TIMEOUT, 0 )
#define iptraceSENDTO_DATA_TOO_LONG() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_SENDTO_DATA_TOO_LONG, 0 )
#define iptraceSENDTO_SOCKET_NOT_BOUND() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_SENDTO_SOCKET_NOT_BOUND, 0 )
#define iptraceNO_BUFFER_FOR_SENDTO() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_NO_BUFFER_FOR_SENDTO, 0 )
#define iptraceWAITING_FOR_TX_DMA_DESCRIPTOR() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_WAIT_FOR_TX_DMA_DESCRIPTOR, 0 )
#define iptraceFAILED_TO_NOTIFY_SELECT_GROUP( xSocket ) vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_FAILED_TO_NOTIFY_SELECT_GROUP, 0 )
#define iptraceNETWORK_INTERFACE_RECEIVE() vExampleDebugStatUpdate( iptraceID_NETWORK_INTERFACE_RECEIVE, 0 )
* The function that updates a line in the xIPTraceValues table.
void vExampleDebugStatUpdate( uint8_t ucIdentifier, uint32_t ulValue );
* Returns the number of entries in the xIPTraceValues table.
BaseType_t xExampleDebugStatEntries( void );
#endif /* configINCLUDE_DEMO_DEBUG_STATS == 1 */