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* mmc_decode_cid() and sd_decode_csd()
* analyse the meta data of an SD-card to read its capacity and some other properties.
* CID and CSD Analysis borrowed from the Linux kernel.
#ifndef SDPS_INFO_H_
#define SDPS_INFO_H_ 1
#include <stdint.h>
struct mmc_cid {
uint32_t manfid;
char prod_name[8];
uint32_t serial;
uint16_t oemid;
uint16_t year;
uint8_t hwrev;
uint8_t fwrev;
uint8_t month;
struct mmc_csd {
volatile uint64_t capacity_bytes;
uint32_t sd_last_block_address;
uint8_t mmca_vsn;
uint16_t erase_size;
uint8_t spare;
uint16_t cmdclass;
uint16_t tacc_clks;
int32_t erase_shift;
uint32_t tacc_ns;
uint32_t r2w_factor;
uint32_t max_dtr;
uint32_t read_blkbits;
uint32_t write_blkbits;
uint32_t capacity;
uint32_t pref_erase;
uint32_t read_partial : 1,
read_misalign : 1,
write_partial : 1,
write_misalign : 1;
extern struct mmc_cid myCID;
extern struct mmc_csd myCSD;
int mmc_decode_cid( const struct mmc_csd *pxCSD, struct mmc_cid *pxCID, uint32_t *raw_data );
int sd_decode_csd( struct mmc_csd *pxCSD, uint32_t *ulResponse );
#endif /* SDPS_INFO_H_ */