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0. Building on *nix from git repository
Run the autogen script to generate configure, you'll need the autoconf tools
installed, then proceed to step 1.
$ ./
1. Building on *nix from a release
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check # (optional, but highly recommended)
$ sudo make install
2. Building on iOS
Use on the xcode project in IDE/iOS/wolfssl.xcodeproj
There is a README in IDE/iOS with more information
3. Building on Windows
Use the 32bit Visual Studio Solution wolfssl.sln
For a 64bit solution please use wolfssl64.sln
4. Building with IAR
Please see the README in IDE/IAR-EWARM for detailed instructions
5. Building with Keil
Please see the Keil Projects in IDE/MDK5-ARM/Projects
6. Building with Microchip tools
Please see the README in mplabx
7. Building with Freescale MQX
Please see the README in mqx
8. Porting to a new platform
Please see section 2.4 in the manual: