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// Memory Configuration File
// Description:
// A memory configuration file contains commands that define the legally accessible
// areas of memory for your specific board. Useful for example when the debugger
// tries to display the content of a "char *" variable, that has not yet been initialized.
// In this case the debugger may try to read from a bogus address, which could cause a
// bus error.
// Board:
// Freescale M52221DEMO
// Reference:
// Kirin2u_SoC_Guide.pdf - KIRIN2U_SG V0.7
// All reserved ranges read back 0xBABA...
reservedchar 0xBA
address IPSBAR_BASE 0x40000000
usederivative "MCF52221"
// Memory Map:
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
range 0x00000000 0x0001FFFF 4 Read // 128 KByte Internal Flash Memory
reserved 0x00020000 0x1FFFFFFF
range 0x20000000 0x20003FFF 4 ReadWrite // 16 Kbytes Internal SRAM
reserved 0x20004000 0x40000007
// $IPSBAR_BASE $IPSBAR_BASE + 0x1FFFFF // Memory Mapped Registers
reserved $IPSBAR_BASE + 0x001D004C 0xFFFFFFFF