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#ifndef I2C_H
#define I2C_H
/* Structure used to capture the I2C message details. The structure is then
* queued for processing by the I2C ISR.
typedef struct AN_I2C_MESSAGE
portLONG lMessageLength; /*< How many bytes of data to send or received - excluding the buffer address. */
unsigned portCHAR ucSlaveAddress; /*< The slave address of the WIZnet on the I2C bus. */
unsigned portCHAR ucBufferAddressLowByte; /*< The address within the WIZnet device to which data should be read from / written to. */
unsigned portCHAR ucBufferAddressHighByte; /*< As above, high byte. */
xSemaphoreHandle xMessageCompleteSemaphore; /*< Contains a reference to a semaphore if the application tasks wants notifying when the message has been transacted. */
unsigned portCHAR *pucBuffer; /*< Pointer to the buffer from where data will be read for transmission, or into which received data will be placed. */
} xI2CMessage;
/* Constants to use as the ulDirection parameter of i2cMessage(). */
#define i2cWRITE ( ( unsigned portLONG ) 0 )
#define i2cREAD ( ( unsigned portLONG ) 1 )
* Must be called once before any calls to i2cMessage.
void i2cInit( void );
* Send or receive a message over the I2C bus.
* @param pucMessage The data to be transmitted or the buffer into which
* received data will be placed.
* @param lMessageLength The number of bytes to either transmit or receive.
* @param ucSlaveAddress The slave address of the WIZNet device on the I2C bus.
* @param usBufferAddress The address within the WIZNet device to which data is
* either written to or read from. The WIZnet has it's
* own Rx and Tx buffers.
* @param ulDirection Must be either i2cWRITE or i2cREAD as #defined above.
* @param xMessageCompleteSemaphore
* Can be used to pass a semaphore reference if the
* calling task want notification of when the message has
* completed. Otherwise NULL can be passed.
* @param xBlockTime The time to wait for a space in the message queue to
* become available should one not be available
* immediately.
void i2cMessage( const unsigned portCHAR * const pucMessage, portLONG lMessageLength, unsigned portCHAR ucSlaveAddress, unsigned portSHORT usBufferAddress, unsigned portLONG ulDirection, xSemaphoreHandle xMessageCompleteSemaphore, portTickType xBlockTime );