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.. _ti_hdc_sample:
TI_HDC Sample
This sample application periodically takes Temperature and Humidity
using the ti_hdc sensor driver. The result is written to the console.
This sample needs a compatible sensor like HDC1010 or HDC1080
connected to the target board's I2C connector.
Example Breakout Boards:
* Pmod HYGRO: Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout board
This sample is tested with the STM32L496ZG nucleo and the Pmod HYGRO
Temp/RH breakout board.
The sensor operates at 3.3V and uses I2C to communicate with the board.
External Wires:
* Breakout **GND** pin <--> Nucleo **GND** pin
* Breakout **VCC** pin <--> Nucleo **3V3** pin
* Breakout **SDA** pin <--> Nucleo **CN7-D14** pin
* Breakout **SCL** pin <--> Nucleo **CN7-D15** pin
Building and Running
This sample builds one application for the HDC1080 sensor.
Build/Flash Steps:
.. zephyr-app-commands::
:zephyr-app: samples/sensor/ti_hdc/
:board: nucleo_l496zg
:goals: build flash
Sample Output
.. code-block:: console
Running on arm!
Dev 0x20001160 name HDC1080 is ready!
Raw Temp = 25144, Temp = 23.305053 C, Raw RH = 32292, RH = 49.273681 %
Raw Temp = 25148, Temp = 23.315124 C, Raw RH = 32424, RH = 49.475097 %
Build Testing
.. code-block:: bash
$ZEPHYR_BASE/scripts/twister -T $ZEPHYR_BASE/samples/sensor/ti_hdc/ -p nucleo_l496zg --device-testing --device-serial /dev/ttyACM0 -t build
Target Testing
.. code-block:: bash
$ZEPHYR_BASE/scripts/twister -T $ZEPHYR_BASE/samples/sensor/ti_hdc/ -p nucleo_l496zg --device-testing --device-serial /dev/ttyACM0 -t target
.. _Nucleo STM32L496ZG board:
.. _HDC1080 Breakout board: