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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (c) 2020 Intel Corporation.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
Script to parse CTF data and print to the screen in a custom and colorful
Generate trace using samples/subsys/tracing for example:
west build -b qemu_x86 samples/subsys/tracing -t run \
-- -DCONF_FILE=prj_uart_ctf.conf
mkdir ctf
cp build/channel0_0 ctf/
cp subsys/tracing/ctf/tsdl/metadata ctf/
./scripts/tracing/ -t ctf
import sys
import datetime
import colorama
from colorama import Fore
import argparse
import bt2
except ImportError:
sys.exit("Missing dependency: You need to install python bindings of babletrace.")
def parse_args():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
parser.add_argument("-t", "--trace",
help="tracing data (directory with metadata and trace file)")
args = parser.parse_args()
return args
def main():
args = parse_args()
msg_it = bt2.TraceCollectionMessageIterator(args.trace)
last_event_ns_from_origin = None
timeline = []
def get_thread(name):
for t in timeline:
if t.get('name', None) == name and t.get('in', 0 ) != 0 and not t.get('out', None):
return t
return {}
for msg in msg_it:
if not isinstance(msg, bt2._EventMessageConst):
ns_from_origin = msg.default_clock_snapshot.ns_from_origin
event = msg.event
# Compute the time difference since the last event message.
diff_s = 0
if last_event_ns_from_origin is not None:
diff_s = (ns_from_origin - last_event_ns_from_origin) / 1e9
dt = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(ns_from_origin / 1e9)
if in [
cpu = event.payload_field.get("cpu", None)
thread_id = event.payload_field.get("thread_id", None)
thread_name = event.payload_field.get("name", None)
th = {}
if in ['thread_switched_out', 'thread_switched_in'] and cpu is not None:
cpu_string = f"(cpu: {cpu})"
cpu_string = ""
if thread_name:
print(f"{dt} (+{diff_s:.6f} s): {}: {thread_name} {cpu_string}")
elif thread_id:
print(f"{dt} (+{diff_s:.6f} s): {}: {thread_id} {cpu_string}")
print(f"{dt} (+{diff_s:.6f} s): {}")
if in ['thread_switched_out', 'thread_switched_in']:
if thread_name:
th = get_thread(thread_name)
if not th:
th['name'] = thread_name
th = get_thread(thread_id)
if not th:
th['name'] = thread_id
if in ['thread_switched_out']:
th['out'] = ns_from_origin
tin = th.get('in', None)
tout = th.get('out', None)
if tout is not None and tin is not None:
diff = (tout - tin)
th['runtime'] = diff
elif in ['thread_switched_in']:
th['in'] = ns_from_origin
elif in ['thread_info']:
stack_size = event.payload_field['stack_size']
print(f"{dt} (+{diff_s:.6f} s): {} (Stack size: {stack_size})")
elif in ['start_call', 'end_call']:
if event.payload_field['id'] == 39:
c = Fore.GREEN
elif event.payload_field['id'] in [37, 38]:
c = Fore.CYAN
c = Fore.YELLOW
print(c + f"{dt} (+{diff_s:.6f} s): {} {event.payload_field['id']}" + Fore.RESET)
elif in ['semaphore_init', 'semaphore_take', 'semaphore_give']:
c = Fore.CYAN
print(c + f"{dt} (+{diff_s:.6f} s): {} ({event.payload_field['id']})" + Fore.RESET)
elif in ['mutex_init', 'mutex_take', 'mutex_give']:
c = Fore.MAGENTA
print(c + f"{dt} (+{diff_s:.6f} s): {} ({event.payload_field['id']})" + Fore.RESET)
print(f"{dt} (+{diff_s:.6f} s): {}")
last_event_ns_from_origin = ns_from_origin
if __name__=="__main__":