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* Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Wind River Systems, Inc.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
* @file
* @brief Private kernel definitions
* This file contains private kernel structures definitions and various
* other definitions for the ARCv2 processor architecture.
* This file is also included by assembly language files which must #define
* _ASMLANGUAGE before including this header file. Note that kernel
* assembly source files obtains structure offset values via "absolute
* symbols" in the offsets.o module.
#ifndef _kernel_arch_data__h_
#define _kernel_arch_data__h_
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <toolchain.h>
#include <linker/sections.h>
#include <arch/cpu.h>
#include <vector_table.h>
#include <kernel_arch_thread.h>
#include <kernel.h>
#include <nano_internal.h>
#include <zephyr/types.h>
#include <misc/util.h>
#include <misc/dlist.h>
struct _irq_stack_frame {
u32_t r0;
u32_t r1;
u32_t r2;
u32_t r3;
u32_t r4;
u32_t r5;
u32_t r6;
u32_t r7;
u32_t r8;
u32_t r9;
u32_t r10;
u32_t r11;
u32_t r12;
u32_t r13;
u32_t blink;
u32_t lp_end;
u32_t lp_start;
u32_t lp_count;
* Currently unsupported. This is where those registers are
* automatically pushed on the stack by the CPU when taking a regular
* IRQ.
u32_t ei_base;
u32_t ldi_base;
u32_t jli_base;
u32_t pc;
u32_t status32;
typedef struct _irq_stack_frame _isf_t;
/* callee-saved registers pushed on the stack, not in k_thread */
struct _callee_saved_stack {
u32_t r13;
u32_t r14;
u32_t r15;
u32_t r16;
u32_t r17;
u32_t r18;
u32_t r19;
u32_t r20;
u32_t r21;
u32_t r22;
u32_t r23;
u32_t r24;
u32_t r25;
u32_t r26;
u32_t fp; /* r27 */
/* r28 is the stack pointer and saved separately */
/* r29 is ILINK and does not need to be saved */
u32_t r30;
u32_t r58;
u32_t r59;
u32_t fpu_status;
u32_t fpu_ctrl;
u32_t dpfp2h;
u32_t dpfp2l;
u32_t dpfp1h;
u32_t dpfp1l;
* No need to save r31 (blink), it's either alread pushed as the pc or
* blink on an irq stack frame.
typedef struct _callee_saved_stack _callee_saved_stack_t;
struct _kernel_arch {
char *rirq_sp; /* regular IRQ stack pointer base */
* FIRQ stack pointer is installed once in the second bank's SP, so
* there is no need to track it in _kernel.
typedef struct _kernel_arch _kernel_arch_t;
#endif /* _ASMLANGUAGE */
/* stacks */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _kernel_arch_data__h_ */