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* Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Wind River Systems, Inc.
* Copyright (c) 2016 Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
* @file
* @brief Xtensa kernel structure member offset definition file
* This module is responsible for the generation of the absolute symbols whose
* value represents the member offsets for various Xtensa kernel
* structures.
* All of the absolute symbols defined by this module will be present in the
* final kernel or kernel ELF image (due to the linker's reference to
* the _OffsetAbsSyms symbol).
* It is NOT necessary to define the offset for every member of a structure.
* Typically, only those members that are accessed by assembly language routines
* are defined; however, it doesn't hurt to define all fields for the sake of
* completeness.
#include <gen_offset.h> /* located in kernel/arch/common/include */
/* list of headers that define whose structure offsets will be generated */
#include <kernel_structs.h>
#include <kernel_offsets.h>
/* Xtensa-specific k_thread structure member offsets */
GEN_OFFSET_SYM(_callee_saved_t, topOfStack);
GEN_OFFSET_SYM(_callee_saved_t, retval);
GEN_OFFSET_SYM(_thread_arch_t, preempCoprocReg);
#if XCHAL_CP_NUM > 0
GEN_OFFSET_SYM(tPreempCoprocReg, cpStack);
/* Xtensa-specific _thread_arch_t structure member offsets */
GEN_OFFSET_SYM(_thread_arch_t, flags);
GEN_OFFSET_SYM(_thread_arch_t, custom_data);
/* Xtensa-specific ESF structure member offsets */
GEN_OFFSET_SYM(__esf_t, sp);
GEN_OFFSET_SYM(__esf_t, pc);
/* size of the entire __esf_t structure */
GEN_ABSOLUTE_SYM(____esf_t_SIZEOF, sizeof(__esf_t));
/* size of the entire preempt registers structure */
GEN_ABSOLUTE_SYM(__tPreempt_SIZEOF, sizeof(_caller_saved_t));
/* size of the struct k_thread structure without save area for coproc regs */
sizeof(struct k_thread) - sizeof(tCoopCoprocReg) -
sizeof(tPreempCoprocReg) + XT_CP_DESCR_SIZE);