Bluetooth: host: Fix scan info dangling pointer

Clear pointer to the le_adv_recv() stack frame before returning to the
calling function. This fixes a potential compiler warning newer gcc

zephyr/subsys/bluetooth/host/scan.c: In function ‘le_adv_recv’:
zephyr/subsys/bluetooth/host/scan.c:463:20: error: storing the address
of local variable ‘id_addr’ in ‘*info.addr’ [-Werror=dangling-pointer=]
  463 |         info->addr = &id_addr;
      |         ~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~
zephyr/subsys/bluetooth/host/scan.c:439:22: note: ‘id_addr’ declared here
  439 |         bt_addr_le_t id_addr;
      |                      ^~~~~~~

Fixes #48459

Signed-off-by: Johan Hedberg <>
1 file changed