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.. _tcpc_api:
`TCPC <tcpc-specification>`_ (USB Type-C Port Controller)
The TCPC is a device used to simplify the implementation of a USB-C system
by providing the following three function:
* VBUS and VCONN control `USB Type-C <usb-type-c-specification>`_:
The TCPC may provide a Source device, the mechanism to control VBUS sourcing,
and a Sink device, the mechanism to control VBUS sinking. A similar mechanism
is provided for the control of VCONN.
* CC control and sensing:
The TCPC implements logic for controlling the CC pin pull-up and pull-down
resistors. It also provides a way to sense and report what resistors are
present on the CC pin.
* Power Delivery message reception and transmission `USB Power Delivery <usb-pd-specification>`_:
The TCPC sends and receives messages constructed in the TCPM and places them
on the CC lines.
.. _tcpc-api:
The TCPC device driver functions as the liaison between the TCPC device and the
application software; this is accomplished by the Zephyr's API provided by the
device driver that's used to communicate with and control the TCPC device.
Configuration Options
Related configuration options:
* :kconfig:option:`CONFIG_USBC_TCPC_DRIVER`
API Reference
.. doxygengroup:: usb_type_c
.. doxygengroup:: usb_type_c_port_controller_api
.. doxygengroup:: usb_power_delivery
.. _tcpc-specification:
.. _usb-type-c-specification:
.. _usb-pd-specification: