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Zephyr Project documentation main file
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Zephyr Project Documentation
.. only:: release
Welcome to the Zephyr Project's documentation for version |version|.
Documentation for the latest (main) development branch of Zephyr
can be found at
.. only:: (development or daily)
**Welcome to the Zephyr Project's documentation
for the main tree under development** (version |version|).
Use the version selection menu on the left to view
documentation for a specific version of Zephyr.
For information about the changes and additions for releases, please
consult the published :ref:`zephyr_release_notes` documentation.
The Zephyr OS is provided under the `Apache 2.0 license`_ (as found in
the LICENSE file in the project's `GitHub repo`_). The Zephyr OS also
imports or reuses packages, scripts, and other files that use other
licensing, as described in :ref:`Zephyr_Licensing`.
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<a href="introduction/index.html">
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<p>Introducing the Zephyr Project: overview, architecture, features, and licensing</p>
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<a href="develop/getting_started/index.html">
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<h2>Getting Started Guide</h2>
<p>Follow this guide to set up a Zephyr development environment on your
system, and then build and run a sample application.</p>
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<a href="contribute/index.html">
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<h2>Contribution Guidelines</h2>
<p>As an open-source project, we welcome and encourage the community
to submit patches directly to the project.</p>
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<a href="samples/index.html">
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<h2>Samples and Demos</h2>
<p>A list of samples and demos that can run on a variety of boards supported
by Zephyr</p>
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<a href="hardware/index.html">
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<h2>Hardware Support</h2>
<p>Information about supported architectures, supported hardware and porting guides</p>
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<a href="security/index.html">
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<p>Requirements, processes, and developer guidelines for ensuring security is addressed within the Zephyr project.</p>
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<a href="boards/index.html">
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<h2>Supported Boards</h2>
<p>List of supported boards and platforms.</p>
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<a href="services/index.html">
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<h2>OS Services</h2>
<p>OS Services and guides how to use them with Zephyr</p>
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* :ref:`genindex`
.. _Apache 2.0 license:
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