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.. _zephyr_release_notes:
Release Notes
Zephyr project is provided as source code and build scripts for different
target architectures and configurations, and not as a binary image. Updated
versions of the Zephyr project are released approximately every three-months.
All Zephyr project source code is maintained in a `GitHub repository`_.
For Zephyr versions up to 1.13, you can either download source as a tar.gz file
(see the bottom of the `GitHub tagged releases`_ page corresponding to each
release), or clone the GitHub repository.
With the introduction of the :ref:`west` tool after the release of Zephyr 1.13,
it is no longer recommended to download or clone the source code manually.
Instead we recommend you follow the instructions in :ref:`get_the_code` to do
so with the help of west.
The project's technical documentation is also tagged to correspond with a
specific release and can be found at
.. comment We need to split the globbing of release notes to get the
single-digit and double-digit subversions sorted correctly. Specify
names in normal order and use the :reversed: option to reverse it.
This will get us through 10 subversions (0-9) before we need to
update this list for two-digit subversions again.
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