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ieee802154 wpan radio protocol over USB
The document describes protocol between 802.15.4 physical radio and Linux
kernel driver over USB. Protocol is based on atusb Linux driver protocol
found inside Linux kernel: drivers/net/ieee802154/atusb.h
Packet structure
Command opcodes are inside bRequest field. bRequest and wIndex are one octet
Commands from Host to Device
USB Control endpoint, Vendor commands
Opcode 0x00 - Reset bRequest
Reset the Radio
Opcode 0x01 - Transmit bRequest
Sequence number wIndex
Data length wLength
Transmit data from Host to Device
Opcode 0x02 - Transmit Async bRequest
Opcode 0x03 - ED bRequest
Opcode 0x04 - Set Channel bRequest
Set ieee802154 channel
Page 1 octet
Channel 1 octet
Opcode 0x05 - Start bRequest
Start ieee802154 device
Opcode 0x06 - Stop bRequest
Stop ieee802154 device
Opcode 0x07 - Set Short address bRequest
Set ieee802154 Short address
Short address 2 octets
Opcode 0x08 - Set PAN ID bRequest
Set ieee802154 PAN ID
PAN ID 2 octets
Opcode 0x09 - Set address bRequest
Set ieee802154 address
address 8 octets
Opcode 0x0A - Set TX Power bRequest
Opcode 0x0B - Set CCA Mode bRequest
Opcode 0x0C - Set CCA ED level bRequest
Opcode 0x0D - Set CSMA Params bRequest
Opcode 0x0E - Set Promisc mode bRequest
Data from Device to Host
USB BULK IN endpoint
Transmit ACK
Length 1 octet
Data Sequence number
Length 1 octet
Data Data
LQI 1 octet