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* Copyright (c) 2014, Wind River Systems, Inc.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
* @file
* @brief Software-managed ISR table
* Data types for a software-managed ISR table, with a parameter per-ISR.
#if !defined(_ASMLANGUAGE)
#include <zephyr/types.h>
#include <zephyr/toolchain.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Default vector for the IRQ vector table */
extern void _isr_wrapper(void);
/* Spurious interrupt handler. Throws an error if called */
extern void z_irq_spurious(const void *unused);
* Note the order: arg first, then ISR. This allows a table entry to be
* loaded arg -> r0, isr -> r3 in _isr_wrapper with one ldmia instruction,
* on ARM Cortex-M (Thumb2).
struct _isr_table_entry {
const void *arg;
void (*isr)(const void *);
/* The software ISR table itself, an array of these structures indexed by the
* irq line
extern struct _isr_table_entry _sw_isr_table[];
* Data structure created in a special binary .intlist section for each
* configured interrupt. pulls this out of the binary and
* uses it to create the IRQ vector table and the _sw_isr_table.
* More discussion in include/linker/intlist.ld
struct _isr_list {
/** IRQ line number */
int32_t irq;
/** Flags for this IRQ, see ISR_FLAG_* definitions */
int32_t flags;
/** ISR to call */
void *func;
/** Parameter for non-direct IRQs */
const void *param;
/** This interrupt gets put directly in the vector table */
#define _MK_ISR_NAME(x, y) __MK_ISR_NAME(x, y)
#define __MK_ISR_NAME(x, y) __isr_ ## x ## _irq_ ## y
/* Create an instance of struct _isr_list which gets put in the .intList
* section. This gets consumed by which creates the vector
* and/or SW ISR tables.
#define Z_ISR_DECLARE(irq, flags, func, param) \
static Z_DECL_ALIGN(struct _isr_list) Z_GENERIC_SECTION(.intList) \
__used _MK_ISR_NAME(func, __COUNTER__) = \
{irq, flags, (void *)&func, (const void *)param}
void z_isr_install(unsigned int irq, void (*routine)(const void *),
const void *param);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _ASMLANGUAGE */