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/** @file
* @brief Modem socket header file.
* Generic modem socket and packet size implementation for modem context
* Copyright (c) 2019-2020
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
#include <zephyr/kernel.h>
#include <zephyr/net/net_ip.h>
#include <zephyr/net/socket.h>
#include "sockets_internal.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
__net_socket struct modem_socket {
sa_family_t family;
enum net_sock_type type;
int ip_proto;
struct sockaddr src;
struct sockaddr dst;
/** The number identifying the socket handle inside the modem */
int id;
/** The file descriptor identifying the socket in the fdtable */
int sock_fd;
/** packet data */
uint16_t packet_sizes[CONFIG_MODEM_SOCKET_PACKET_COUNT];
uint16_t packet_count;
/** data ready semaphore */
struct k_sem sem_data_ready;
/** data ready poll signal */
struct k_poll_signal sig_data_ready;
/** socket state */
bool is_connected;
bool is_waiting;
/** temporary socket data */
void *data;
struct modem_socket_config {
struct modem_socket *sockets;
size_t sockets_len;
/* beginning socket id (modems can set this to 0 or 1 as needed) */
int base_socket_num;
struct k_sem sem_lock;
const struct socket_op_vtable *vtable;
/* return size of the first packet */
uint16_t modem_socket_next_packet_size(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, struct modem_socket *sock);
int modem_socket_packet_size_update(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, struct modem_socket *sock,
int new_total);
int modem_socket_get(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, int family, int type, int proto);
struct modem_socket *modem_socket_from_fd(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, int sock_fd);
struct modem_socket *modem_socket_from_id(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, int id);
struct modem_socket *modem_socket_from_newid(struct modem_socket_config *cfg);
void modem_socket_put(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, int sock_fd);
int modem_socket_poll(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, struct zsock_pollfd *fds, int nfds,
int msecs);
int modem_socket_poll_update(struct modem_socket *sock, struct zsock_pollfd *pfd,
struct k_poll_event **pev);
int modem_socket_poll_prepare(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, struct modem_socket *sock,
struct zsock_pollfd *pfd, struct k_poll_event **pev,
struct k_poll_event *pev_end);
void modem_socket_wait_data(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, struct modem_socket *sock);
void modem_socket_data_ready(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, struct modem_socket *sock);
int modem_socket_init(struct modem_socket_config *cfg, const struct socket_op_vtable *vtable);
#ifdef __cplusplus