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LwM2M Client in Zephyr
### SenML CBOR
SenML CBOR content format support takes advantage of the Zcbor library's capability of generating
domain specific code. To generate the SenML encoder and decoder the following CDDL file
is used as an input for the generator:
.. include:: lwm2m_senml.cddl
:code: txt
The CDDL description is based on the RFC 8428 - Sensor Measurement Lists (SenML). For further
details please see the chapter 11 - CDDL.
To generate the encoder and decoder:
The above command also applies the lwm2m_senml_cbor.patch patch file.
If the patch fails to apply, you can attempt to use the 3-way merge capabilities by committing the un-patched changes (i.e. up to and including the clang-format), and the running
git am -3 < lwm2m_senml_cbor.patch
The patch was created by, committing the unpatched changes, then committing the desired patches in a subsequent commit, then creating the patch file with the command
git format-patch --stdout HEAD~1.. > lwm2m_senml_cbor.patch
The default value of the number of maximum allowed records doesn't really matter as it's replaced
with a Kconfig option.