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Zephyr Kernel 1.9.0
We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr kernel version 1.9.0
Major enhancements planned with this release include:
* Bluetooth 5.0 Support (all features except Advertising Extensions)
* Bluetooth Qualification-ready BLE Controller
* BLE Mesh
* Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) support
* Pthreads compatible API
* BSD Sockets compatible API
* MMU/MPU (Cont.): Thread Isolation, Paging
* Expand Device Tree support to more architectures
* Revamp Testsuite, Increase Coverage
* Stack Sentinel support (See details below)
The following sections provide detailed lists of changes by component.
* Added POSIX thread IPC support for Kernel
* kernel: introduce opaque data type for stacks
* Timeslicing and tickless kernel improvements
* arm: Added STM32F405, STM32F417, STM32F103x8 SoCs
* arm: Added TI CC2650 SoC
* arm: Removed TI CC3200 SoC
* arm: Added MPU support to nRF52, STM32L4, and STM32F3
* xtensa: Added ESP32 support
* Stack sentinel: This places a sentinel value at the lowest 4 bytes of a stack
memory region and checks it at various intervals, including when servicing
interrupts or context switching.
* x86: Enable MMU for application memory
* ARC: Added initial MPU support, including stack sentinel checking for ARC
configurations not featuring hardware stack bounds checking
* ARC: Nested interrupt support for normal, non-FIRQ interrupts
* Added device tree support for Intel Quark based microcontroller boards
such as Arduino_101, tinytile, and Quark_d2000_crb.
* arm: Added Atmel SAM4S Xplained board
* arm: Added Olimex STM32-E407 and STM32-P405 boards
* arm: Added STM32F412 Nucleo and STM32F429I-DISC1 boards
* arm: Added TI SensorTag board
* arm: Removed TI CC3200 LaunchXL board
* arm: Added VBLUno51 and VBLUno52 boards
* xtensa: Added ESP32 board support
* ARC: Added support for EMSK EM7D v2.2 version (incl. MPU)
* ARC: Board configuration restructuring, peripheral configs moved from soc to
board level
Drivers and Sensors
* KW40Z IEEE 802.15.4 radio driver support added
* APDS9960 sensor driver added
* Added TICKLESS KERNEL support for nrf RTC Timer
* Added Kinetis adc and pwm drivers
* Removed deprecated PWM driver APIs
* Added ESP32 drivers for GPIO, pin mux, watchdog, random number generator,
and UART
* sensor: Add BMM150 Geomagnetic sensor driver
* LWM2M support added
* net-app API support added. This is higher level API that can be used
by applications to create client/server applications with transparent
TLS (for TCP) or DTLS (for UDP) support.
* MQTT TLS support added
* Add support to automatically setup IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth IPSP networks
* TCP receive window support added
* Network sample application configuration file unification, where most of the
similar configuration files were merged together
* Added Bluetooth support to HTTP(S) server sample application
* BSD Socket compatible API layer, allowing to write and/or port simple
networking applications using a well-known, cross-platform API
* Networking API documentation fixes
* Network shell enhancements
* Trickle algorithm fixes
* Improvements to HTTP server and client libraries
* CoAP API fixes
* IPv6 fixes
* RPL fixes
* Bluetooth Mesh support (all mandatory features and most optional ones)
* GATT Service Changed Characteristic support
* IPSP net-app support: a simplified networking API reducing duplication
of common tasks an application writer has to go through to connect
to the network.
* BLE controller qualification-ready, with all required tests passing
* Controller-based privacy (including all optional features)
* Extended Scanner Filter Policies support in the controller
* Controller roles (Advertiser, Scanner, Master and Slave) separation in
source code, conditionally includable
* Flash access cooperation with BLE radio activity
* Bluetooth Kconfig options have been renamed have the same (consistent)
prefix as the Bluetooth APIs, namely BT_* instead of BLUETOOTH_*.
Controller Kconfig options have been shortened to use CTLR instead of
* Removed deprecated NBLE support
Build and Infrastructure
* change description
* mbedTLS updated to 2.6.0
* TinyCrypt updated to 0.2.7
* Added support for stm32f417 SOC
* Added support for stm32f405 SOC
* pinmux: stm32: 96b_carbon: Add support for SPI
* Added rcc node on stm32 socs
* Added pin config for USART1 on PB6/PB7 for stm32l4
* Removed TI cc3200 SOC and LaunchXL board support
* CONTRIBUTING.rst and Contribution Guide material added
* Configuration options doc reorganized for easier access
* Navigation sidebar issues fixed for supported boards section
* Fixed link targets hidden behind header
* Completed migration of content into docs and
GitHub wiki. All links to old wiki updated.
* Broken link and spelling check scans through .rst, Kconfig (used for
auto-generated configuration docs), and source code doxygen comments
(used for API documentation).
* API documentation added for new interfaces and improved for existing
* Documentation added for new boards supported with this release.
* Python packages needed for document generation added to new python
pip requirements.txt
Build System and Tools
* Convert post-processing host tools to python, this includes the following
Tests and Samples
* Added test Case to stress test round robin scheduling in schedule_api test.
* Added test case to stress test priority scheduling in scheduling_api_test.
JIRA Related Items
* :jira:`ZEP-230` - Define I2S driver APIs
* :jira:`ZEP-601` - enable CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO
* :jira:`ZEP-702` - Integrate Nordic's Phoenix Link Layer into Zephyr
* :jira:`ZEP-749` - TinyCrypt uses an old, unoptimized version of micro-ecc
* :jira:`ZEP-896` - nRF5x Series: Add support for power and clock peripheral
* :jira:`ZEP-1067` - Driver for BMM150
* :jira:`ZEP-1396` - Add ksdk adc shim driver
* :jira:`ZEP-1426` - CONFIG_BOOT_TIME_MEASUREMENT on all targets?
* :jira:`ZEP-1552` - Provide apds9960 sensor driver
* :jira:`ZEP-1647` - Figure out new combo for breathe/doxygen/sphinx versions that are supported
* :jira:`ZEP-1744` - UPF 56 BLE Controller Issues
* :jira:`ZEP-1751` - Add template YAML file
* :jira:`ZEP-1819` - Add tickless kernel support in nrf_rtc_timer timer
* :jira:`ZEP-1843` - provide mechanism to filter test cases based on available hardware
* :jira:`ZEP-1892` - Fix issues with Fix Release
* :jira:`ZEP-1902` - Missing board documentation for arm/nucleo_f334r8
* :jira:`ZEP-1911` - Missing board documentation for arm/stm3210c_eval
* :jira:`ZEP-1917` - Missing board documentation for arm/stm32373c_eval
* :jira:`ZEP-1918` - Fix connection parameter request procedure
* :jira:`ZEP-2018` - Remove deprecated PWM APIs
* :jira:`ZEP-2020` - tests/crypto/test_ecc_dsa intermittently fails on riscv32
* :jira:`ZEP-2025` - Add mcux pwm shim driver for k64
* :jira:`ZEP-2031` - ESP32 Architecture Configuration
* :jira:`ZEP-2032` - Espressif Open-source Toolchain Support
* :jira:`ZEP-2039` - Implement stm32cube LL based clock control driver
* :jira:`ZEP-2054` - Convert all helper script to use python3
* :jira:`ZEP-2062` - Convert gen_offset_header to a python script
* :jira:`ZEP-2063` - Convert gen_idt to python
* :jira:`ZEP-2068` - Need Tasks to Be Tracked in QRC too
* :jira:`ZEP-2071` - samples: warning: (SPI_CS_GPIO && SPI_SS_CS_GPIO && I2C_NRF5) selects GPIO which has unmet direct dependencies
* :jira:`ZEP-2085` - Add CONTRIBUTING.rst to root folder w/contributing guidelines
* :jira:`ZEP-2089` - UART support for ESP32
* :jira:`ZEP-2115` - Common API for networked applications for setting up network
* :jira:`ZEP-2116` - Common API for networked apps to create client/server applications
* :jira:`ZEP-2141` - Coverity CID 169303 in tests/net/ipv6/src/main.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2150` - Move Arduino 101 to Device Tree
* :jira:`ZEP-2151` - Move Quark D2000 to device tree
* :jira:`ZEP-2156` - Build warnings [-Wformat] with LLVM/icx (tests/kernel/sprintf)
* :jira:`ZEP-2168` - Timers seem to be broken with TICKLESS_KERNEL on nRF51 (Cortex M0)
* :jira:`ZEP-2171` - Move all board pinmux code from drivers/pinmux/stm32 to the corresponding board/soc locations
* :jira:`ZEP-2184` - Split data, bss, noinit sections into application and kernel areas
* :jira:`ZEP-2188` - x86: Implement simple stack memory protection
* :jira:`ZEP-2217` - schedule_api test fails on ARM with tickless kernel enabled
* :jira:`ZEP-2218` - unexpected short timeslice when running schedule_api with tickless kernel enabled
* :jira:`ZEP-2220` - Extend MPU to stm32 family
* :jira:`ZEP-2225` - Ability to unregister GATT services
* :jira:`ZEP-2226` - BSD Sockets API: Basic blocking API
* :jira:`ZEP-2227` - BSD Sockets API: Non-blocking API
* :jira:`ZEP-2229` - test_time_slicing_preemptible fails on bbc_microbit and other NRF boards
* :jira:`ZEP-2250` - sanitycheck not filtering defconfigs properly
* :jira:`ZEP-2258` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2265` - stack declaration macros for ARM MPU
* :jira:`ZEP-2267` - Create Release Notes
* :jira:`ZEP-2270` - Convert mpu_stack_guard_test from using k_thread_spawn to k_thread_create
* :jira:`ZEP-2274` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (tests/net/ipv6_fragment)
* :jira:`ZEP-2278` - KW41-Z 802.15.4 driver hangs if full debug is disabled
* :jira:`ZEP-2279` - echo_server TCP handler corrupt by SYN flood
* :jira:`ZEP-2280` - add test case for KBUILD_ZEPHYR_APP
* :jira:`ZEP-2285` - non-boards shows up in board list for docs
* :jira:`ZEP-2286` - Write a GPIO driver for ESP32
* :jira:`ZEP-2289` - [DoS] Memory leak from large TCP packets
* :jira:`ZEP-2296` - ESP32: watchdog driver
* :jira:`ZEP-2297` - ESP32: Pin mux driver
* :jira:`ZEP-2303` - Concurrent incoming TCP connections
* :jira:`ZEP-2305` - linker: implement MMU alignment constraints
* :jira:`ZEP-2306` - echo server hangs from IPv6 hop-by-hop option anomaly
* :jira:`ZEP-2308` - (New) Networking API details documentation is missing
* :jira:`ZEP-2310` - Improve configuration documentation index organization
* :jira:`ZEP-2314` - Testcase failure :tests/benchmarks/timing_info/testcase.ini#test
* :jira:`ZEP-2316` - Testcase failure :tests/bluetooth/shell/testcase.ini#test_br
* :jira:`ZEP-2318` - some kernel objects sections are misaligned
* :jira:`ZEP-2319` - tests/net/ieee802154/l2 uses semaphore before initialization
* :jira:`ZEP-2321` - [PTS] All TC's of SM/GATT/GAP failed due to BTP_TIMEOUT error.
* :jira:`ZEP-2326` - x86: API to validate user buffer
* :jira:`ZEP-2328` - appears to generate incorrect tables in some situations
* :jira:`ZEP-2329` - bad memory access tests/net/route
* :jira:`ZEP-2330` - bad memory access tests/net/rpl
* :jira:`ZEP-2331` - bad memory access tests/net/ieee802154/l2
* :jira:`ZEP-2332` - bad memory access tests/net/ip-addr
* :jira:`ZEP-2334` - bluetooth shell build warning when CONFIG_DEBUG=y
* :jira:`ZEP-2335` - Ensure the Licensing page is up-to-date for the release
* :jira:`ZEP-2340` - Disabling advertising gets stuck
* :jira:`ZEP-2341` - Build warnings:override: reassigning to symbol MAIN_STACK_SIZE with LLVM/icx (/tests/net/6lo)
* :jira:`ZEP-2343` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2344` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2345` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2352` - network API docs don't mention when callbacks are called from a different thread
* :jira:`ZEP-2354` - ESP32: Random number generator
* :jira:`ZEP-2355` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2358` - samples:net:echo_server: Failed to send UDP packets
* :jira:`ZEP-2359` - samples:net:coaps_server: unable to bind with IPv6
* :jira:`ZEP-2360` - Initial implementation of Bluetooth Mesh
* :jira:`ZEP-2361` - Provide a POSIX compatibility Layer on top of native APIs
* :jira:`ZEP-2365` - samples/net/wpanusb/test_15_4 fail on nrf52840_pca10056 and frdm_kw41z
* :jira:`ZEP-2366` - implement \__kernel attribute
* :jira:`ZEP-2367` - NULL pointer read in udp, tcp, context net tests
* :jira:`ZEP-2368` - x86: QEMU: enable MMU at boot by default
* :jira:`ZEP-2370` - [test] Create a stress test to test preemptive scheduling on zephyr
* :jira:`ZEP-2371` - [test] Create a stress test to test round robin scheduling with equal priority tasks on zephyr
* :jira:`ZEP-2374` - Build warnings:override: reassigning to symbol NET_IPV4 with LLVM/icx (/tests/net/dhcpv4)
* :jira:`ZEP-2375` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (tests/net/udp)
* :jira:`ZEP-2378` - sample/bluetooth/ipsp: When build the app 'ROM' overflowed
* :jira:`ZEP-2379` - samples/bluetooth: Bluetooth init failed (err -19)
* :jira:`ZEP-2380` - TCP is broken by Zephyr commit 3604c391e
* :jira:`ZEP-2382` - Convert test to use ztest framework
* :jira:`ZEP-2383` - Net-app API needs to support DTLS
* :jira:`ZEP-2384` - "Common" bluetooth sample code does not build out of tree
* :jira:`ZEP-2385` - Update TinyCrypt to 0.2.7
* :jira:`ZEP-2395` - Assert in http_server example when run over bluetooth on nrf52840
* :jira:`ZEP-2397` - net_if_ipv6_addr_rm calls k_delayed_work_cancel() on uninitialized k_delayed_work object
* :jira:`ZEP-2398` - network stack test cases are only tested on x86
* :jira:`ZEP-2403` - Enabling MMU for qemu_x86 broke active connect support
* :jira:`ZEP-2407` - [Cortex m series ] Getting a crash on Cortex m3 series when more than 8 preemptive threads with equal priority are scheduled
* :jira:`ZEP-2408` - design mechanism for kernel object sharing policy
* :jira:`ZEP-2412` - Bluetooth tester app not working from commit c1e5cb
* :jira:`ZEP-2423` - samples/bluetooth/ipsp's builtin TCP echo crashes on TCP closure
* :jira:`ZEP-2432` - ieee802154_shell.c, net_mgmt call leads to a BUS FAULT
* :jira:`ZEP-2433` - x86: do forensic analysis to determine stack overflow context in supervisor mode
* :jira:`ZEP-2436` - Unable to see console output in Quark_D200_CRB
* :jira:`ZEP-2437` - warnings when building applications for quark d2000
* :jira:`ZEP-2444` - [nrf] Scheduling test API is getting failed in case of nrf51/nrf52 platforms
* :jira:`ZEP-2445` - nrf52: CPU lock-up when using Bluetooth + Flash driver + CONFIG_ASSERT
* :jira:`ZEP-2447` - 'make debugserver' fails for qemu_x86_iamcu
* :jira:`ZEP-2451` - Move Bluetooth IPSP support functions from samples/bluetooth to a separate library
* :jira:`ZEP-2452` - https server does not build for olimex_stm32_e407
* :jira:`ZEP-2457` - generated/offsets.h is being regenerated unnecessarily
* :jira:`ZEP-2459` - Sample application not working with Quark SE C1000
* :jira:`ZEP-2460` - tests/crypto/ecc_dh fails on qemu_nios2
* :jira:`ZEP-2464` - "allow IPv6 interface init to work with late IP assignment" patch broke non-late IPv6 assignment
* :jira:`ZEP-2465` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2467` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2468` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2469` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2474` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* :jira:`ZEP-2480` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/coaps_server)
* :jira:`ZEP-2482` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/telnet)
* :jira:`ZEP-2483` - samples:net:http_client: Failed to get http requests in IPv6
* :jira:`ZEP-2484` - samples:net:http_server: Failed to work in IPv6
* :jira:`ZEP-2485` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/coaps_client)
* :jira:`ZEP-2486` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/mbedtls_dtlsserver)
* :jira:`ZEP-2488` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] and [-Warray-bounds] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/irc_bot)
* :jira:`ZEP-2489` - bug in _x86_mmu_buffer_validate API
* :jira:`ZEP-2496` - Build failure on tests/benchmarks/object_footprint
* :jira:`ZEP-2497` - [TIMER] k_timer_start should take 0 value for duration parameter
* :jira:`ZEP-2498` - [Display] Minimum Duration argument to k_timer_start should be non Zero positive value
* :jira:`ZEP-2508` - esp32 linkage doesn't unify ELF sections correctly
* :jira:`ZEP-2510` - BT: CONFIG_BT_HCI_TX_STACK_SIZE appears to be too low for BT_SPI
* :jira:`ZEP-2514` - XCC sanitycheck build compile wrong targets
* :jira:`ZEP-2523` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /samples/net/zoap_server/src/zoap-server.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2525` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /samples/net/zoap_server/src/zoap-server.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2531` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/net/lib/dns_resolve/src/main.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2528` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /samples/net/nats/src/nats.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2534` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/kernel/irq_offload/src/irq_offload.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2535` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/net/lib/zoap/src/main.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2537` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/crypto/ecc_dh/src/ecc_dh.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2538` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /arch/arm/soc/st_stm32/stm32f1/soc_gpio.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2539` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/net/ieee802154/l2/src/ieee802154_test.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2540` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /ext/lib/crypto/tinycrypt/source/ecc_dh.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2541` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /subsys/bluetooth/host/mesh/cfg.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2549` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /samples/net/leds_demo/src/leds-demo.c
* :jira:`ZEP-2552` - ESP32 uart poll_out always return 0
* :jira:`ZEP-2553` - k_queue_poll not handling -EADDRINUSE (another thread already polling) properly
* :jira:`ZEP-2556` - ESP32 watchdog WDT_MODE_INTERRUPT_RESET mode fails
* :jira:`ZEP-2557` - ESP32 : Some GPIO tests are getting failed (tests/drivers/gpio/gpio_basic_api)
* :jira:`ZEP-2558` - CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_* Kconfig options silently ignored
* :jira:`ZEP-2560` - samples/net: the sample of zoap_server fails to add multicast address
* :jira:`ZEP-2561` - samples/net: The HTTP client failed to send the POST request
* :jira:`ZEP-2568` - [PTS] All TC's of L2CAP/SM/GATT/GAP failed due to BTP_ERROR.
* :jira:`ZEP-2575` - error:[ '-O: command not found'] with LLVM/icx (samples/hello_world)
* :jira:`ZEP-2576` - samples/net/sockets/echo, echo_async : fails to send the TCP packets
* :jira:`ZEP-2581` - CC3220 executable binary format support
* :jira:`ZEP-2584` - Update mbedTLS to 2.6.0
* :jira:`ZEP-713` - Implement preemptible regular IRQs on ARC