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Code Flow and Branches
The zephyr Git repository has three types of branches:
Which contains the latest state of development
Topic branches that are used for shared development of a new feature
Branches which track maintenance releases based on a major
Development in topic branches before features go to mainline allows teams to
work independently on a subsystem or a feature, improves efficiency and
turnaround time, and encourages collaboration and streamlines communication
between developers.
Changes submitted to a development topic branch can evolve and improve
incrementally in a branch, before they are submitted to the mainline tree for
final integration.
By dedicating an isolated branch to complex features, it's
possible to initiate in-depth discussions around new additions before
integrating them into the official project.
Roles and Responsibilities
Development topic branch owners have the following responsibilities:
- Use the infrastructure and tools provided by the project (GitHub, Git)
- Review changes coming from team members and request review from branch owners
when submitting changes.
- Keep the branch in sync with upstream and update on a regular basis.
- Push changes frequently to upstream using the following methods:
- GitHub pull requests: for example, when reviews have not been done in the local
branch (one-man branch).
- Merge requests: When a set of changes has been done in a local branch and
has been reviewed and tested in a topic branch.