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.. _zephyr_1.9:
Zephyr Kernel 1.9.2
This is a maintenance release with fixes.
* Generic queue item acquisition fixed to always return a valid item when
* Multiple stability fixes for BLE Mesh
* Multiple stability fixes for the BLE Controller
Zephyr Kernel 1.9.1
This is a maintenance release with fixes and a two new features in the
BLE Controller.
Drivers and Sensors
* mcux ethernet driver buffer overflow fixed
* STM32 PWM prescaler issue fixed
* Support for IPv6 in DNS fixed
* Multiple stability fixes for the BLE Controller
* Support for PA/LNA amplifiers in the BLE Controller
* Support for additional VS commands in the BLE Controller
Zephyr Kernel 1.9.0
We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr kernel version 1.9.0
Major enhancements planned with this release include:
* Bluetooth 5.0 Support (all features except Advertising Extensions)
* Bluetooth Qualification-ready BLE Controller
* BLE Mesh
* Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) support
* Pthreads compatible API
* BSD Sockets compatible API
* MMU/MPU (Cont.): Thread Isolation, Paging
* Expand Device Tree support to more architectures
* Revamp Testsuite, Increase Coverage
* Stack Sentinel support (See details below)
The following sections provide detailed lists of changes by component.
* Added POSIX thread IPC support for Kernel
* kernel: introduce opaque data type for stacks
* Timeslicing and tickless kernel improvements
* arm: Added STM32F405, STM32F417, STM32F103x8 SoCs
* arm: Added TI CC2650 SoC
* arm: Removed TI CC3200 SoC
* arm: Added MPU support to nRF52, STM32L4, and STM32F3
* xtensa: Added ESP32 support
* Stack sentinel: This places a sentinel value at the lowest 4 bytes of a stack
memory region and checks it at various intervals, including when servicing
interrupts or context switching.
* x86: Enable MMU for application memory
* ARC: Added initial MPU support, including stack sentinel checking for ARC
configurations not featuring hardware stack bounds checking
* ARC: Nested interrupt support for normal, non-FIRQ interrupts
* Added device tree support for Intel Quark based microcontroller boards
such as Arduino_101, tinytile, and Quark_d2000_crb.
* arm: Added Atmel SAM4S Xplained board
* arm: Added Olimex STM32-E407 and STM32-P405 boards
* arm: Added STM32F412 Nucleo and STM32F429I-DISC1 boards
* arm: Added TI SensorTag board
* arm: Removed TI CC3200 LaunchXL board
* arm: Added VBLUno51 and VBLUno52 boards
* xtensa: Added ESP32 board support
* ARC: Added support for EMSK EM7D v2.2 version (incl. MPU)
* ARC: Board configuration restructuring, peripheral configs moved from soc to
board level
Drivers and Sensors
* KW40Z IEEE 802.15.4 radio driver support added
* APDS9960 sensor driver added
* Added TICKLESS KERNEL support for nrf RTC Timer
* Added Kinetis adc and pwm drivers
* Removed deprecated PWM driver APIs
* Added ESP32 drivers for GPIO, pin mux, watchdog, random number generator,
and UART
* sensor: Add BMM150 Geomagnetic sensor driver
* LWM2M support added
* net-app API support added. This is higher level API that can be used
by applications to create client/server applications with transparent
TLS (for TCP) or DTLS (for UDP) support.
* MQTT TLS support added
* Add support to automatically setup IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth IPSP networks
* TCP receive window support added
* Network sample application configuration file unification, where most of the
similar configuration files were merged together
* Added Bluetooth support to HTTP(S) server sample application
* BSD Socket compatible API layer, allowing to write and/or port simple
networking applications using a well-known, cross-platform API
* Networking API documentation fixes
* Network shell enhancements
* Trickle algorithm fixes
* Improvements to HTTP server and client libraries
* CoAP API fixes
* IPv6 fixes
* RPL fixes
* Bluetooth Mesh support (all mandatory features and most optional ones)
* GATT Service Changed Characteristic support
* IPSP net-app support: a simplified networking API reducing duplication
of common tasks an application writer has to go through to connect
to the network.
* BLE controller qualification-ready, with all required tests passing
* Controller-based privacy (including all optional features)
* Extended Scanner Filter Policies support in the controller
* Controller roles (Advertiser, Scanner, Master and Slave) separation in
source code, conditionally includable
* Flash access cooperation with BLE radio activity
* Bluetooth Kconfig options have been renamed have the same (consistent)
prefix as the Bluetooth APIs, namely BT_* instead of BLUETOOTH_*.
Controller Kconfig options have been shortened to use CTLR instead of
* Removed deprecated NBLE support
Build and Infrastructure
* change description
* mbedTLS updated to 2.6.0
* TinyCrypt updated to 0.2.7
* Added support for stm32f417 SOC
* Added support for stm32f405 SOC
* pinmux: stm32: 96b_carbon: Add support for SPI
* Added rcc node on stm32 socs
* Added pin config for USART1 on PB6/PB7 for stm32l4
* Removed TI cc3200 SOC and LaunchXL board support
* CONTRIBUTING.rst and Contribution Guide material added
* Configuration options doc reorganized for easier access
* Navigation sidebar issues fixed for supported boards section
* Fixed link targets hidden behind header
* Completed migration of content into docs and
GitHub wiki. All links to old wiki updated.
* Broken link and spelling check scans through .rst, Kconfig (used for
auto-generated configuration docs), and source code doxygen comments
(used for API documentation).
* API documentation added for new interfaces and improved for existing
* Documentation added for new boards supported with this release.
* Python packages needed for document generation added to new python
pip requirements.txt
Build System and Tools
* Convert post-processing host tools to python, this includes the following
Tests and Samples
* Added test Case to stress test round robin scheduling in schedule_api test.
* Added test case to stress test priority scheduling in scheduling_api_test.
JIRA Related Items
* ``ZEP-230`` - Define I2S driver APIs
* ``ZEP-601`` - enable CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO
* ``ZEP-702`` - Integrate Nordic's Phoenix Link Layer into Zephyr
* ``ZEP-749`` - TinyCrypt uses an old, unoptimized version of micro-ecc
* ``ZEP-896`` - nRF5x Series: Add support for power and clock peripheral
* ``ZEP-1067`` - Driver for BMM150
* ``ZEP-1396`` - Add ksdk adc shim driver
* ``ZEP-1426`` - CONFIG_BOOT_TIME_MEASUREMENT on all targets?
* ``ZEP-1552`` - Provide apds9960 sensor driver
* ``ZEP-1647`` - Figure out new combo for breathe/doxygen/sphinx versions that are supported
* ``ZEP-1744`` - UPF 56 BLE Controller Issues
* ``ZEP-1751`` - Add template YAML file
* ``ZEP-1819`` - Add tickless kernel support in nrf_rtc_timer timer
* ``ZEP-1843`` - provide mechanism to filter test cases based on available hardware
* ``ZEP-1892`` - Fix issues with Fix Release
* ``ZEP-1902`` - Missing board documentation for arm/nucleo_f334r8
* ``ZEP-1911`` - Missing board documentation for arm/stm3210c_eval
* ``ZEP-1917`` - Missing board documentation for arm/stm32373c_eval
* ``ZEP-1918`` - Fix connection parameter request procedure
* ``ZEP-2018`` - Remove deprecated PWM APIs
* ``ZEP-2020`` - tests/crypto/test_ecc_dsa intermittently fails on riscv32
* ``ZEP-2025`` - Add mcux pwm shim driver for k64
* ``ZEP-2031`` - ESP32 Architecture Configuration
* ``ZEP-2032`` - Espressif Open-source Toolchain Support
* ``ZEP-2039`` - Implement stm32cube LL based clock control driver
* ``ZEP-2054`` - Convert all helper script to use python3
* ``ZEP-2062`` - Convert gen_offset_header to a python script
* ``ZEP-2063`` - Convert gen_idt to python
* ``ZEP-2068`` - Need Tasks to Be Tracked in QRC too
* ``ZEP-2071`` - samples: warning: (SPI_CS_GPIO && SPI_SS_CS_GPIO && I2C_NRF5) selects GPIO which has unmet direct dependencies
* ``ZEP-2085`` - Add CONTRIBUTING.rst to root folder w/contributing guidelines
* ``ZEP-2089`` - UART support for ESP32
* ``ZEP-2115`` - Common API for networked applications for setting up network
* ``ZEP-2116`` - Common API for networked apps to create client/server applications
* ``ZEP-2141`` - Coverity CID 169303 in tests/net/ipv6/src/main.c
* ``ZEP-2150`` - Move Arduino 101 to Device Tree
* ``ZEP-2151`` - Move Quark D2000 to device tree
* ``ZEP-2156`` - Build warnings [-Wformat] with LLVM/icx (tests/kernel/sprintf)
* ``ZEP-2168`` - Timers seem to be broken with TICKLESS_KERNEL on nRF51 (Cortex M0)
* ``ZEP-2171`` - Move all board pinmux code from drivers/pinmux/stm32 to the corresponding board/soc locations
* ``ZEP-2184`` - Split data, bss, noinit sections into application and kernel areas
* ``ZEP-2188`` - x86: Implement simple stack memory protection
* ``ZEP-2217`` - schedule_api test fails on ARM with tickless kernel enabled
* ``ZEP-2218`` - unexpected short timeslice when running schedule_api with tickless kernel enabled
* ``ZEP-2220`` - Extend MPU to stm32 family
* ``ZEP-2225`` - Ability to unregister GATT services
* ``ZEP-2226`` - BSD Sockets API: Basic blocking API
* ``ZEP-2227`` - BSD Sockets API: Non-blocking API
* ``ZEP-2229`` - test_time_slicing_preemptible fails on bbc_microbit and other NRF boards
* ``ZEP-2250`` - sanitycheck not filtering defconfigs properly
* ``ZEP-2258`` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* ``ZEP-2265`` - stack declaration macros for ARM MPU
* ``ZEP-2267`` - Create Release Notes
* ``ZEP-2270`` - Convert mpu_stack_guard_test from using k_thread_spawn to k_thread_create
* ``ZEP-2274`` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (tests/net/ipv6_fragment)
* ``ZEP-2278`` - KW41-Z 802.15.4 driver hangs if full debug is disabled
* ``ZEP-2279`` - echo_server TCP handler corrupt by SYN flood
* ``ZEP-2280`` - add test case for KBUILD_ZEPHYR_APP
* ``ZEP-2285`` - non-boards shows up in board list for docs
* ``ZEP-2286`` - Write a GPIO driver for ESP32
* ``ZEP-2289`` - [DoS] Memory leak from large TCP packets
* ``ZEP-2296`` - ESP32: watchdog driver
* ``ZEP-2297`` - ESP32: Pin mux driver
* ``ZEP-2303`` - Concurrent incoming TCP connections
* ``ZEP-2305`` - linker: implement MMU alignment constraints
* ``ZEP-2306`` - echo server hangs from IPv6 hop-by-hop option anomaly
* ``ZEP-2308`` - (New) Networking API details documentation is missing
* ``ZEP-2310`` - Improve configuration documentation index organization
* ``ZEP-2314`` - Testcase failure :tests/benchmarks/timing_info/testcase.ini#test
* ``ZEP-2316`` - Testcase failure :tests/bluetooth/shell/testcase.ini#test_br
* ``ZEP-2318`` - some kernel objects sections are misaligned
* ``ZEP-2319`` - tests/net/ieee802154/l2 uses semaphore before initialization
* ``ZEP-2321`` - [PTS] All TC's of SM/GATT/GAP failed due to BTP_TIMEOUT error.
* ``ZEP-2326`` - x86: API to validate user buffer
* ``ZEP-2328`` - appears to generate incorrect tables in some situations
* ``ZEP-2329`` - bad memory access tests/net/route
* ``ZEP-2330`` - bad memory access tests/net/rpl
* ``ZEP-2331`` - bad memory access tests/net/ieee802154/l2
* ``ZEP-2332`` - bad memory access tests/net/ip-addr
* ``ZEP-2334`` - bluetooth shell build warning when CONFIG_DEBUG=y
* ``ZEP-2335`` - Ensure the Licensing page is up-to-date for the release
* ``ZEP-2340`` - Disabling advertising gets stuck
* ``ZEP-2341`` - Build warnings:override: reassigning to symbol MAIN_STACK_SIZE with LLVM/icx (/tests/net/6lo)
* ``ZEP-2343`` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* ``ZEP-2344`` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* ``ZEP-2345`` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* ``ZEP-2352`` - network API docs don't mention when callbacks are called from a different thread
* ``ZEP-2354`` - ESP32: Random number generator
* ``ZEP-2355`` - Coverity static scan issues seen
* ``ZEP-2358`` - samples:net:echo_server: Failed to send UDP packets
* ``ZEP-2359`` - samples:net:coaps_server: unable to bind with IPv6
* ``ZEP-2360`` - Initial implementation of Bluetooth Mesh
* ``ZEP-2361`` - Provide a POSIX compatibility Layer on top of native APIs
* ``ZEP-2365`` - samples/net/wpanusb/test_15_4 fail on nrf52840_pca10056 and frdm_kw41z
* ``ZEP-2366`` - implement \__kernel attribute
* ``ZEP-2367`` - NULL pointer read in udp, tcp, context net tests
* ``ZEP-2368`` - x86: QEMU: enable MMU at boot by default
* ``ZEP-2370`` - [test] Create a stress test to test preemptive scheduling on zephyr
* ``ZEP-2371`` - [test] Create a stress test to test round robin scheduling with equal priority tasks on zephyr
* ``ZEP-2374`` - Build warnings:override: reassigning to symbol NET_IPV4 with LLVM/icx (/tests/net/dhcpv4)
* ``ZEP-2375`` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (tests/net/udp)
* ``ZEP-2378`` - sample/bluetooth/ipsp: When build the app 'ROM' overflowed
* ``ZEP-2379`` - samples/bluetooth: Bluetooth init failed (err -19)
* ``ZEP-2380`` - TCP is broken by Zephyr commit 3604c391e
* ``ZEP-2382`` - Convert test to use ztest framework
* ``ZEP-2383`` - Net-app API needs to support DTLS
* ``ZEP-2384`` - "Common" bluetooth sample code does not build out of tree
* ``ZEP-2385`` - Update TinyCrypt to 0.2.7
* ``ZEP-2395`` - Assert in http_server example when run over bluetooth on nrf52840
* ``ZEP-2397`` - net_if_ipv6_addr_rm calls k_delayed_work_cancel() on uninitialized k_delayed_work object
* ``ZEP-2398`` - network stack test cases are only tested on x86
* ``ZEP-2403`` - Enabling MMU for qemu_x86 broke active connect support
* ``ZEP-2407`` - [Cortex m series ] Getting a crash on Cortex m3 series when more than 8 preemptive threads with equal priority are scheduled
* ``ZEP-2408`` - design mechanism for kernel object sharing policy
* ``ZEP-2412`` - Bluetooth tester app not working from commit c1e5cb
* ``ZEP-2423`` - samples/bluetooth/ipsp's builtin TCP echo crashes on TCP closure
* ``ZEP-2432`` - ieee802154_shell.c, net_mgmt call leads to a BUS FAULT
* ``ZEP-2433`` - x86: do forensic analysis to determine stack overflow context in supervisor mode
* ``ZEP-2436`` - Unable to see console output in Quark_D200_CRB
* ``ZEP-2437`` - warnings when building applications for quark d2000
* ``ZEP-2444`` - [nrf] Scheduling test API is getting failed in case of nrf51/nrf52 platforms
* ``ZEP-2445`` - nrf52: CPU lock-up when using Bluetooth + Flash driver + CONFIG_ASSERT
* ``ZEP-2447`` - 'make debugserver' fails for qemu_x86_iamcu
* ``ZEP-2451`` - Move Bluetooth IPSP support functions from samples/bluetooth to a separate library
* ``ZEP-2452`` - https server does not build for olimex_stm32_e407
* ``ZEP-2457`` - generated/offsets.h is being regenerated unnecessarily
* ``ZEP-2459`` - Sample application not working with Quark SE C1000
* ``ZEP-2460`` - tests/crypto/ecc_dh fails on qemu_nios2
* ``ZEP-2464`` - "allow IPv6 interface init to work with late IP assignment" patch broke non-late IPv6 assignment
* ``ZEP-2465`` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* ``ZEP-2467`` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* ``ZEP-2468`` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* ``ZEP-2469`` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* ``ZEP-2474`` - Static code scan (coverity) issues seen
* ``ZEP-2480`` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/coaps_server)
* ``ZEP-2482`` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/telnet)
* ``ZEP-2483`` - samples:net:http_client: Failed to get http requests in IPv6
* ``ZEP-2484`` - samples:net:http_server: Failed to work in IPv6
* ``ZEP-2485`` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/coaps_client)
* ``ZEP-2486`` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/mbedtls_dtlsserver)
* ``ZEP-2488`` - Build warnings [-Wpointer-sign] and [-Warray-bounds] with LLVM/icx (samples/net/irc_bot)
* ``ZEP-2489`` - bug in _x86_mmu_buffer_validate API
* ``ZEP-2496`` - Build failure on tests/benchmarks/object_footprint
* ``ZEP-2497`` - [TIMER] k_timer_start should take 0 value for duration parameter
* ``ZEP-2498`` - [Display] Minimum Duration argument to k_timer_start should be non Zero positive value
* ``ZEP-2508`` - esp32 linkage doesn't unify ELF sections correctly
* ``ZEP-2510`` - BT: CONFIG_BT_HCI_TX_STACK_SIZE appears to be too low for BT_SPI
* ``ZEP-2514`` - XCC sanitycheck build compile wrong targets
* ``ZEP-2523`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /samples/net/zoap_server/src/zoap-server.c
* ``ZEP-2525`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /samples/net/zoap_server/src/zoap-server.c
* ``ZEP-2531`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/net/lib/dns_resolve/src/main.c
* ``ZEP-2528`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /samples/net/nats/src/nats.c
* ``ZEP-2534`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/kernel/irq_offload/src/irq_offload.c
* ``ZEP-2535`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/net/lib/zoap/src/main.c
* ``ZEP-2537`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/crypto/ecc_dh/src/ecc_dh.c
* ``ZEP-2538`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /arch/arm/soc/st_stm32/stm32f1/soc_gpio.c
* ``ZEP-2539`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /tests/net/ieee802154/l2/src/ieee802154_test.c
* ``ZEP-2540`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /ext/lib/crypto/tinycrypt/source/ecc_dh.c
* ``ZEP-2541`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /subsys/bluetooth/host/mesh/cfg.c
* ``ZEP-2549`` - Static code scan (Coverity) issue seen in file: /samples/net/leds_demo/src/leds-demo.c
* ``ZEP-2552`` - ESP32 uart poll_out always return 0
* ``ZEP-2553`` - k_queue_poll not handling -EADDRINUSE (another thread already polling) properly
* ``ZEP-2556`` - ESP32 watchdog WDT_MODE_INTERRUPT_RESET mode fails
* ``ZEP-2557`` - ESP32 : Some GPIO tests are getting failed (tests/drivers/gpio/gpio_basic_api)
* ``ZEP-2558`` - CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_* Kconfig options silently ignored
* ``ZEP-2560`` - samples/net: the sample of zoap_server fails to add multicast address
* ``ZEP-2561`` - samples/net: The HTTP client failed to send the POST request
* ``ZEP-2568`` - [PTS] All TC's of L2CAP/SM/GATT/GAP failed due to BTP_ERROR.
* ``ZEP-2575`` - error:[ '-O: command not found'] with LLVM/icx (samples/hello_world)
* ``ZEP-2576`` - samples/net/sockets/echo, echo_async : fails to send the TCP packets
* ``ZEP-2581`` - CC3220 executable binary format support
* ``ZEP-2584`` - Update mbedTLS to 2.6.0
* ``ZEP-713`` - Implement preemptible regular IRQs on ARC