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* Copyright (c) 2018-2019 Nordic Semiconductor ASA
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
struct ll_scan_set {
struct ull_hdr ull;
struct lll_scan lll;
uint16_t duration_lazy;
struct node_rx_hdr *node_rx_scan_term;
uint8_t is_stop:1;
uint8_t is_enabled:1;
uint8_t own_addr_type:2;
struct {
uint8_t sid;
uint8_t adv_addr_type:1;
uint8_t filter_policy:1;
uint8_t cancelled:1;
uint8_t state:2;
uint8_t adv_addr[BDADDR_SIZE];
/* Non-Null when creating sync, reset in ISR context on
* synchronisation state and checked in Thread context when
* cancelling sync create, hence the volatile keyword.
struct ll_sync_set *volatile sync;
} periodic;
struct ll_scan_aux_set {
struct ull_hdr ull;
struct lll_scan_aux lll;
/* lll_scan or lll_sync */
void *parent;
struct node_rx_hdr *rx_head;
struct node_rx_hdr *rx_last;
uint16_t data_len;
struct node_rx_hdr *rx_incomplete;