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# vim: set syntax=python ts=4 :
# Copyright (c) 2018-2022 Intel Corporation
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
import scl
from twisterlib.error import ConfigurationError
class TwisterConfigParser:
"""Class to read testsuite yaml files with semantic checking
testsuite_valid_keys = {"tags": {"type": "set", "required": False},
"type": {"type": "str", "default": "integration"},
"extra_args": {"type": "list"},
"extra_configs": {"type": "list"},
"build_only": {"type": "bool", "default": False},
"build_on_all": {"type": "bool", "default": False},
"skip": {"type": "bool", "default": False},
"slow": {"type": "bool", "default": False},
"timeout": {"type": "int", "default": 60},
"min_ram": {"type": "int", "default": 8},
"modules": {"type": "list", "default": []},
"depends_on": {"type": "set"},
"min_flash": {"type": "int", "default": 32},
"arch_allow": {"type": "set"},
"arch_exclude": {"type": "set"},
"extra_sections": {"type": "list", "default": []},
"integration_platforms": {"type": "list", "default": []},
"testcases": {"type": "list", "default": []},
"platform_type": {"type": "list", "default": []},
"platform_exclude": {"type": "set"},
"platform_allow": {"type": "set"},
"toolchain_exclude": {"type": "set"},
"toolchain_allow": {"type": "set"},
"filter": {"type": "str"},
"harness": {"type": "str", "default": "test"},
"harness_config": {"type": "map", "default": {}},
"seed": {"type": "int", "default": 0}
def __init__(self, filename, schema):
"""Instantiate a new TwisterConfigParser object
@param filename Source .yaml file to read
""" = {}
self.schema = schema
self.filename = filename
self.scenarios = {}
self.common = {}
def load(self): = scl.yaml_load_verify(self.filename, self.schema)
if 'tests' in
self.scenarios =['tests']
if 'common' in
self.common =['common']
def _cast_value(self, value, typestr):
if isinstance(value, str):
v = value.strip()
if typestr == "str":
return v
elif typestr == "float":
return float(value)
elif typestr == "int":
return int(value)
elif typestr == "bool":
return value
elif typestr.startswith("list") and isinstance(value, list):
return value
elif typestr.startswith("list") and isinstance(value, str):
vs = v.split()
if len(typestr) > 4 and typestr[4] == ":":
return [self._cast_value(vsi, typestr[5:]) for vsi in vs]
return vs
elif typestr.startswith("set"):
vs = v.split()
if len(typestr) > 3 and typestr[3] == ":":
return {self._cast_value(vsi, typestr[4:]) for vsi in vs}
return set(vs)
elif typestr.startswith("map"):
return value
raise ConfigurationError(
self.filename, "unknown type '%s'" % value)
def get_scenario(self, name):
"""Get a dictionary representing the keys/values within a scenario
@param name The scenario in the .yaml file to retrieve data from
@return A dictionary containing the scenario key-value pairs with
type conversion and default values filled in per valid_keys
d = {}
for k, v in self.common.items():
d[k] = v
for k, v in self.scenarios[name].items():
if k in d:
if isinstance(d[k], str):
# By default, we just concatenate string values of keys
# which appear both in "common" and per-test sections,
# but some keys are handled in adhoc way based on their
# semantics.
if k == "filter":
d[k] = "(%s) and (%s)" % (d[k], v)
d[k] += " " + v
d[k] = v
for k, kinfo in self.testsuite_valid_keys.items():
if k not in d:
if "required" in kinfo:
required = kinfo["required"]
required = False
if required:
raise ConfigurationError(
"missing required value for '%s' in test '%s'" %
(k, name))
if "default" in kinfo:
default = kinfo["default"]
default = self._cast_value("", kinfo["type"])
d[k] = default
d[k] = self._cast_value(d[k], kinfo["type"])
except ValueError:
raise ConfigurationError(
self.filename, "bad %s value '%s' for key '%s' in name '%s'" %
(kinfo["type"], d[k], k, name))
return d