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# Copyright (c) 2022 Nordic Semiconductor ASA
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
import argparse
import os
from pathlib import Path
import sys
import textwrap
from urllib.parse import urlparse
from west import log
from west.commands import WestCommand
from zephyr_ext_common import ZEPHYR_BASE
import zephyr_module
class Blobs(WestCommand):
DEFAULT_LIST_FMT = '{module} {status} {path} {type} {abspath}'
def __init__(self):
# Keep this in sync with the string in west-commands.yml.
'work with binary blobs',
'Work with binary blobs',
def do_add_parser(self, parser_adder):
parser = parser_adder.add_parser(,,
Blobs are listed using a Python 3 format string. Arguments
to the format string are accessed by name.
The default format string is:
The following arguments are available:
- module: name of the module that contains this blob
- abspath: blob absolute path
- status: short status (A: present, M: hash failure, D: not present)
- path: blob local path from <module>/zephyr/blobs/
- sha256: blob SHA256 hash in hex
- type: type of blob
- version: version string
- license_path: path to the license file for the blob
- uri: URI to the remote location of the blob
- description: blob text description
- doc-url: URL to the documentation for this blob
# Remember to update west-completion.bash if you add or remove
# flags
parser.add_argument('subcmd', nargs=1,
choices=['list', 'fetch', 'clean'],
help='sub-command to execute')
parser.add_argument('modules', metavar='MODULE', nargs='*',
help='''zephyr modules to operate on;
all modules will be used if not given''')
group = parser.add_argument_group('west blob list options')
group.add_argument('-f', '--format',
help='''format string to use to list each blob;
see FORMAT STRINGS below''')
return parser
def get_blobs(self, args):
blobs = []
modules = args.modules
for module in zephyr_module.parse_modules(ZEPHYR_BASE, self.manifest):
# Filter by module
module_name = module.meta.get('name', None)
if len(modules) and module_name not in modules:
blobs += zephyr_module.process_blobs(module.project, module.meta)
return blobs
def list(self, args):
blobs = self.get_blobs(args)
fmt = args.format or self.DEFAULT_LIST_FMT
for blob in blobs:
def ensure_folder(self, path):
path.parent.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
def fetch_blob(self, url, path):
scheme = urlparse(url).scheme
log.dbg(f'Fetching {path} with {scheme}')
import fetchers
fetcher = fetchers.get_fetcher_cls(scheme)
log.dbg(f'Found fetcher: {fetcher}')
inst = fetcher()
inst.fetch(url, path)
def fetch(self, args):
blobs = self.get_blobs(args)
for blob in blobs:
if blob['status'] == 'A':
log.dbg('Blob {module}: {abspath} is up to date'.format(**blob))
log.inf('Fetching blob {module}: {abspath}'.format(**blob))
self.fetch_blob(blob['url'], blob['abspath'])
def clean(self, args):
blobs = self.get_blobs(args)
for blob in blobs:
if blob['status'] == 'D':
log.dbg('Blob {module}: {abspath} not in filesystem'.format(**blob))
log.inf('Deleting blob {module}: {status} {abspath}'.format(**blob))
def do_run(self, args, _):
log.dbg(f'subcmd: \'{args.subcmd[0]}\' modules: {args.modules}')
subcmd = getattr(self, args.subcmd[0])
if args.subcmd[0] != 'list' and args.format is not None:
log.die(f'unexpected --format argument; this is a "west blobs list" option')