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# Copyright (c) 2017 Linaro Limited.
# Copyright (c) 2020 Gerson Fernando Budke <>
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
'''bossac-specific runner (flash only) for Atmel SAM microcontrollers.'''
import pathlib
import pickle
import platform
import subprocess
import sys
from runners.core import ZephyrBinaryRunner, RunnerCaps
# This is needed to load edt.pickle files.
from devicetree import edtlib # pylint: disable=unused-import
except ImportError:
# This can happen when building the documentation for the
# runners package if edtlib is not on sys.path. This is fine
# to ignore in that case.
if platform.system() == 'Darwin':
class BossacBinaryRunner(ZephyrBinaryRunner):
'''Runner front-end for bossac.'''
def __init__(self, cfg, bossac='bossac', port=DEFAULT_BOSSAC_PORT,
self.bossac = bossac
self.port = port
self.speed = speed
def name(cls):
return 'bossac'
def capabilities(cls):
return RunnerCaps(commands={'flash'})
def do_add_parser(cls, parser):
parser.add_argument('--bossac', default='bossac',
help='path to bossac, default is bossac')
parser.add_argument('--bossac-port', default=DEFAULT_BOSSAC_PORT,
help='serial port to use, default is ' +
parser.add_argument('--speed', default=DEFAULT_BOSSAC_SPEED,
help='serial port speed to use, default is ' +
def do_create(cls, cfg, args):
return BossacBinaryRunner(cfg, bossac=args.bossac,
port=args.bossac_port, speed=args.speed)
def read_help(self):
"""Run bossac --help and return the output as a list of lines"""
# BOSSA > 1.9.1 returns OK
out = self.check_output([self.bossac, '--help']).decode()
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as ex:
# BOSSA <= 1.9.1 returns an error
out = ex.output.decode()
return out.split('\n')
def supports(self, flag):
"""Check if bossac supports a flag by searching the help"""
for line in self.read_help():
if flag in line:
return True
return False
def is_extended_samba_protocol(self):
ext_samba_versions = ['CONFIG_BOOTLOADER_BOSSA_ARDUINO',
for x in ext_samba_versions:
if self.build_conf.getboolean(x):
return True
return False
def is_partition_enabled(self):
return self.build_conf.getboolean('CONFIG_USE_DT_CODE_PARTITION')
def get_chosen_code_partition_node(self):
# Get the EDT Node corresponding to the zephyr,code-partition
# chosen DT node
# Ensure the build directory has a compiled DTS file
# where we expect it to be.
b = pathlib.Path(self.cfg.build_dir)
edt_pickle = b / 'zephyr' / 'edt.pickle'
if not edt_pickle.is_file():
error_msg = "can't load devicetree; expected to find:" \
+ str(edt_pickle)
raise RuntimeError(error_msg)
# Load the devicetree.
with open(edt_pickle, 'rb') as f:
edt = pickle.load(f)
return edt.chosen_node('zephyr,code-partition')
def get_board_name(self):
if 'CONFIG_BOARD' not in self.build_conf:
return '<board>'
return self.build_conf['CONFIG_BOARD']
def get_dts_img_offset(self):
if self.build_conf.getboolean('CONFIG_BOOTLOADER_BOSSA_LEGACY'):
return 0
if self.build_conf.getboolean('CONFIG_HAS_FLASH_LOAD_OFFSET'):
return self.build_conf['CONFIG_FLASH_LOAD_OFFSET']
return 0
def get_image_offset(self, supports_offset):
"""Validates and returns the flash offset"""
dts_img_offset = self.get_dts_img_offset()
if int(str(dts_img_offset), 16) > 0:
if not supports_offset:
old_sdk = 'This version of BOSSA does not support the' \
' --offset flag. Please upgrade to a newer Zephyr' \
' SDK version >= 0.12.0.'
raise RuntimeError(old_sdk)
return dts_img_offset
return None
def set_serial_config(self):
if platform.system() == 'Linux' or platform.system() == 'Darwin':
# GNU coreutils uses a capital F flag for 'file'
flag = '-F' if platform.system() == 'Linux' else '-f'
if self.is_extended_samba_protocol():
self.speed = '1200'
cmd_stty = ['stty', flag, self.port, 'raw', 'ispeed', self.speed,
'ospeed', self.speed, 'cs8', '-cstopb', 'ignpar',
'eol', '255', 'eof', '255']
def make_bossac_cmd(self):
cmd_flash = [self.bossac, '-p', self.port, '-R', '-e', '-w', '-v',
'-b', self.cfg.bin_file]
dt_chosen_code_partition_nd = self.get_chosen_code_partition_node()
if self.is_partition_enabled():
if dt_chosen_code_partition_nd is None:
error_msg = 'The device tree zephyr,code-partition chosen' \
' node must be defined.'
raise RuntimeError(error_msg)
offset = self.get_image_offset(self.supports('--offset'))
if offset is not None and int(str(offset), 16) > 0:
cmd_flash += ['-o', '%s' % offset]
elif dt_chosen_code_partition_nd is not None:
error_msg = 'There is no CONFIG_USE_DT_CODE_PARTITION Kconfig' \
' defined at ' + self.get_board_name() + \
'_defconfig file.\n This means that' \
' zephyr,code-partition device tree node should not' \
' be defined. Check Zephyr SAM-BA documentation.'
raise RuntimeError(error_msg)
return cmd_flash
def get_darwin_serial_device_list(self):
Get a list of candidate serial ports on Darwin by querying the IOKit
import plistlib
ioreg_out = self.check_output(['ioreg', '-r', '-c', 'IOSerialBSDClient',
'-k', 'IOCalloutDevice', '-a'])
serial_ports = plistlib.loads(ioreg_out, fmt=plistlib.FMT_XML)
return [port["IOCalloutDevice"] for port in serial_ports]
def get_darwin_user_port_choice(self):
Ask the user to select the serial port from a set of candidate ports
retrieved from IOKit on Darwin.
Modelled on get_board_snr() in the nrfjprog runner.
devices = self.get_darwin_serial_device_list()
if len(devices) == 0:
raise RuntimeError('No candidate serial ports were found!')
elif len(devices) == 1:
print('Using only serial device on the system: ' + devices[0])
return devices[0]
elif not sys.stdin.isatty():
raise RuntimeError('Refusing to guess which serial port to use: '
f'there are {len(devices)} available. '
'(Interactive prompts disabled since standard '
'input is not a terminal - please specify a '
'port using --bossac-port instead)')
print('There are multiple serial ports available on this system:')
for i, device in enumerate(devices, 1):
print(f' {i}. {device}')
p = f'Please select one (1-{len(devices)}, or EOF to exit): '
while True:
value = input(p)
except EOFError:
value = int(value)
except ValueError:
if 1 <= value <= len(devices):
return devices[value - 1]
def do_run(self, command, **kwargs):
'could not import edtlib; something may be wrong with the '
'python environment')
if platform.system() == 'Windows':
msg = 'CAUTION: BOSSAC runner not support on Windows!'
raise RuntimeError(msg)
elif platform.system() == 'Darwin' and self.port is None:
self.port = self.get_darwin_user_port_choice()