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# Copyright (c) 2019, Nordic Semiconductor ASA
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
'''Catch-all module for miscellaneous devices which can't use a
generic or widely used tool like J-Link, OpenOCD, etc.
Please use this sparingly and only when your setup is exotic and
you're willing to handle requests for help. E.g. if your "board" is a
core on a special-purpose SoC which requires a complicated script to
network boot.'''
from runners.core import ZephyrBinaryRunner, RunnerCaps
import argparse
class MiscFlasher(ZephyrBinaryRunner):
'''Runner for handling special purpose flashing commands.'''
def __init__(self, cfg, cmd, args):
if not cmd:
# This is a board definition error, not a user error,
# so we can do it now and not in do_run().
raise ValueError('no command was given')
self.cmd = cmd
self.args = args
def name(cls):
return 'misc-flasher'
def capabilities(cls):
return RunnerCaps(commands={'flash'})
def do_add_parser(cls, parser):
help='''command to run; it will be passed the
build directory as its first argument''')
parser.add_argument('args', nargs=argparse.REMAINDER,
help='''additional arguments to pass after the build
def do_create(cls, cfg, args):
return MiscFlasher(cfg, args.cmd, args.args)
def do_run(self, *args, **kwargs):
self.check_call([self.cmd, self.cfg.build_dir] + self.args)