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# Copyright (c) 2020, 2021 The Linux Foundation
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
from datetime import datetime
from west import log
from zspdx.util import getHashes
# Output tag-value SPDX 2.2 content for the given Relationship object.
# Arguments:
# 1) f: file handle for SPDX document
# 2) rln: Relationship object being described
def writeRelationshipSPDX(f, rln):
f.write(f"Relationship: {rln.refA} {rln.rlnType} {rln.refB}\n")
# Output tag-value SPDX 2.2 content for the given File object.
# Arguments:
# 1) f: file handle for SPDX document
# 2) bf: File object being described
def writeFileSPDX(f, bf):
f.write(f"""FileName: ./{bf.relpath}
SPDXID: {bf.spdxID}
FileChecksum: SHA1: {bf.sha1}
if bf.sha256 != "":
f.write(f"FileChecksum: SHA256: {bf.sha256}\n")
if bf.md5 != "":
f.write(f"FileChecksum: MD5: {bf.md5}\n")
f.write(f"LicenseConcluded: {bf.concludedLicense}\n")
if len(bf.licenseInfoInFile) == 0:
f.write(f"LicenseInfoInFile: NONE\n")
for licInfoInFile in bf.licenseInfoInFile:
f.write(f"LicenseInfoInFile: {licInfoInFile}\n")
f.write(f"FileCopyrightText: {bf.copyrightText}\n\n")
# write file relationships
if len(bf.rlns) > 0:
for rln in bf.rlns:
writeRelationshipSPDX(f, rln)
# Output tag-value SPDX 2.2 content for the given Package object.
# Arguments:
# 1) f: file handle for SPDX document
# 2) pkg: Package object being described
def writePackageSPDX(f, pkg):
f.write(f"""##### Package: {}
PackageName: {}
SPDXID: {pkg.cfg.spdxID}
PackageDownloadLocation: NOASSERTION
PackageLicenseConcluded: {pkg.concludedLicense}
f.write(f"""PackageLicenseDeclared: {pkg.cfg.declaredLicense}
PackageCopyrightText: {pkg.cfg.copyrightText}
# flag whether files analyzed / any files present
if len(pkg.files) > 0:
if len(pkg.licenseInfoFromFiles) > 0:
for licFromFiles in pkg.licenseInfoFromFiles:
f.write(f"PackageLicenseInfoFromFiles: {licFromFiles}\n")
f.write(f"PackageLicenseInfoFromFiles: NOASSERTION\n")
f.write(f"FilesAnalyzed: true\nPackageVerificationCode: {pkg.verificationCode}\n\n")
f.write(f"FilesAnalyzed: false\nPackageComment: Utility target; no files\n\n")
# write package relationships
if len(pkg.rlns) > 0:
for rln in pkg.rlns:
writeRelationshipSPDX(f, rln)
# write package files, if any
if len(pkg.files) > 0:
bfs = list(pkg.files.values())
bfs.sort(key = lambda x: x.relpath)
for bf in bfs:
writeFileSPDX(f, bf)
# Output tag-value SPDX 2.2 content for a custom license.
# Arguments:
# 1) f: file handle for SPDX document
# 2) lic: custom license ID being described
def writeOtherLicenseSPDX(f, lic):
f.write(f"""LicenseID: {lic}
ExtractedText: {lic}
LicenseName: {lic}
LicenseComment: Corresponds to the license ID `{lic}` detected in an SPDX-License-Identifier: tag.
# Output tag-value SPDX 2.2 content for the given Document object.
# Arguments:
# 1) f: file handle for SPDX document
# 2) doc: Document object being described
def writeDocumentSPDX(f, doc):
f.write(f"""SPDXVersion: SPDX-2.2
DataLicense: CC0-1.0
DocumentName: {}
DocumentNamespace: {doc.cfg.namespace}
Creator: Tool: Zephyr SPDX builder
Created: {datetime.utcnow().strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ")}
# write any external document references
if len(doc.externalDocuments) > 0:
extDocs = list(doc.externalDocuments)
extDocs.sort(key = lambda x: x.cfg.docRefID)
for extDoc in extDocs:
f.write(f"ExternalDocumentRef: {extDoc.cfg.docRefID} {extDoc.cfg.namespace} SHA1: {extDoc.myDocSHA1}\n")
# write relationships owned by this Document (not by its Packages, etc.), if any
if len(doc.relationships) > 0:
for rln in doc.relationships:
writeRelationshipSPDX(f, rln)
# write packages
for pkg in doc.pkgs.values():
writePackageSPDX(f, pkg)
# write other license info, if any
if len(doc.customLicenseIDs) > 0:
for lic in sorted(list(doc.customLicenseIDs)):
writeOtherLicenseSPDX(f, lic)
# Open SPDX document file for writing, write the document, and calculate
# its hash for other referring documents to use.
# Arguments:
# 1) spdxPath: path to write SPDX document
# 2) doc: SPDX Document object to write
def writeSPDX(spdxPath, doc):
# create and write document to disk
log.inf(f"Writing SPDX document {} to {spdxPath}")
with open(spdxPath, "w") as f:
writeDocumentSPDX(f, doc)
except OSError as e:
log.err(f"Error: Unable to write to {spdxPath}: {str(e)}")
return False
# calculate hash of the document we just wrote
hashes = getHashes(spdxPath)
if not hashes:
log.err(f"Error: created document but unable to calculate hash values")
return False
doc.myDocSHA1 = hashes[0]
return True