kconfig: Clean up header comments and make them consistent

Use this short header style in all Kconfig files:

    # <description>

    # <copyright>
    # <license>


Also change all <description>s from

    # Kconfig[.extension] - Foo-related options

to just

    # Foo-related options

It's clear enough that it's about Kconfig.

The <description> cleanup was done with this command, along with some
manual cleanup (big letter at the start, etc.)

    git ls-files '*Kconfig*' | \
        xargs sed -i -E '1 s/#\s*Kconfig[\w.-]*\s*-\s*/# /'

Signed-off-by: Ulf Magnusson <Ulf.Magnusson@nordicsemi.no>
1169 files changed